Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Olympian Gabby Douglass stopped by the Mavericks. 

  • President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine this morning.  Can you imagine the logistics in pulling that off? But it seems that Russia was advised of the trip shortly before it occurred.  Moments ago, he took off to head to Poland. Edit: He might be on a train there. Not sure. 

  • A 16" water main broke this morning on I-30 heading out of Fort Worth which caused the entire eastbound lanes to be shutdown. 

  • The grift and fraud will ultimately be much greater than the actual damage caused. At least six potential class actions have been filed so far.  

  • Austin got a lot of attention yesterday after a crowd took over an intersection with some insane driving stunts (video) and then the crowd backed up a single cop car that had shown up (video).

  • President Carter enters hospice care at home. There has probably never been a better overall good person to serve as president. 

    • Regarding how much the country has changed, look at how his electoral map looked for the 1976 election. The Democratic Carter won Texas, Florida and the South. Gerald Ford won California and the west coast.  

  • Violence is so common you probably didn't even hear about the event below which happened Friday. The killings occurred in three different locations.  

  • Sheesh. I just saw this one that happened on Saturday a little closer to home: 

  • A decorative helicopter fell at a water park inside a New Jersey mall, hurting four. And that's one big mall waterpark. 

  • A political watchdog issues a warning that what happened to Southlake and Colleyville ISDs could be happening in Northwest. Schatzline is a state rep and unabashed Christian Nationalist. 

  • Not that I understand it, but the price of natural gas has plummeted in the last few months. 

  • Something doesn't sound right.
  • This story, from the Wichita Falls paper, makes no sense.  I understand having a great computer system which notifies a potential juror member that their service isn't needed and that they don't have to appear, but this article talks about eliminating the need for a large area of gathering to first ensure that all the potential jurors have the basic qualifications to serve (county resident, age, etc.)

  • It's President's Day but, as always, I'm the HWMISB™.