Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The jury had found the drunk guy 30% responsible and the club 70% responsible. That didn't make any sense then and doesn't make any more sense now. 

  • If you haven't seen the video of this guy running and being chased down seconds after the crash, here you go. He received 15 years in prison. 

  • And before the crash, there's footage of him at the bar. Actually, he wandered behind the bar. 

  • They are still trying to kick the indicted Clay County Sheriff out of office. There's a big hearing today.
  • I've mentioned lately about the trend of having defendants testify in their own defense. If this morning's post below, from the lead investigative reporter of South Carolina's leading newspaper, is correct, we've got a big day ahead. The live feed of the trial is normally on YouTube here

    • I had forgotten he was in jail. Here he is getting out of the jail van this morning. 

  • Man, that foreperson of the Atlanta election-interference grand jury is giving a cringe-worthy performance during her ill-conceived interview tour. She is doing herself no favors. Video. And the grand jury system in general is taking a hit as well.

  • One of my favorite Insurrectionists received 38 months yesterday. It's not enough. 

  • I've got a faithful reader which for years has fed me scoops on Texas counties to the north. He sent a missive yesterday where he predicted a "Not Guilty" verdict in this Wichita Falls case which has been transferred to Tarrant County.  If I've got my facts right, one of the defense lawyers is Terri Moore who has recently agreed to take a job for the new Tarrant County D.A.  Mark Daniel is trying the defense case with her. 

  • The fighter jet photo of the Chinese Spy balloon. 

  • Texas Monthly has a new story about what happens when the extreme far right wing takes over a city council. 

  • Say what?

  • The back of Cowboys wide receiver C.D. Lamb.

  • Legal nerdy stuff. I was always told you can't do this during appellate oral argument. But some guy did it, and pulled it off, in the Supreme Court yesterday.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold