Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Before there was the CRT hysteria, there was CSCOPE. According to the Texas Tribune, it was in the "crosshairs of conservative grassroots activists" who believed believe the plan promoted a "progressive pro-Islamic curriculum." The legislature would kill it later in 2013 led by Dan Patrick who was then only a state rep. 

  • Another mass shooting in America. Although this one happened in a "dance hall", it was actually a place frequented by the age 50 and up crowd. Asian square dancing is apparently popular in that community.  The gunman, who later killed himself, was 72.

    • And I betcha didn't even hear about this one which happened a couple of hours later. But no deaths there.

  • I'm stunned they didn't release the names. "Among those arrested were a volunteer firefighter, youth pastor, a high school teacher and football coach, and the director of operations for a large hospital network in North Texas."

  • Just teens opening fire on one another at a Whataburger near a high school on a Friday afternoon in Fort Worth. A 17 year old Paschal High School junior is dead. 

  • The state charges on the guy who drove from the metroplex to El Paso, in order to engage in the mass killing of  Hispanics, are in disarray because the DA out there quit her job, but the Feds are pressing ahead. They now have a guilty plea coming according to a Saturday court filing. No details yet on what exact charge he is pleading to or what the range of punishment is. 

  • This seems very wrong in Clay County. 

  • I saw this headline, and didn't think much of it. Then I looked the pics of the actual work-sheets, and even I'm stunned. 

  • Now say or do something about Uvalde. Texas legislators sometimes are a little tone-deaf. 


  • It was a big anniversary yesterday. LBJ and abortion. (One of the oddest pieces a memorabilia I have is a pecan taken from LBJ's ranch on the day of his funeral there. One of my dad's employees picked it up  and brought it back for me when I was a boy.)

  • Random fun fact: You can call 719-266-2837 and hear a Hall and Oates song. I can't remember where I learned that.
  • There was a time about a handful of years ago when this seemed unthinkable: Betting at an NFL stadium on the game. It's at the Washington Commander's home. 

  • Very random Cowboy notes:
    • Dak is a slightly above average quarterback who will have below average games. And that's worth $40 million a year in the NFL. That's just the going rate. 
    • Oh, my.

    • Dalton Shultz seems a little dumb and/or lazy.

    • Underrated play.

    • I'm not sure what was more embarrassing, the last play (video) or the decision to punt with two minutes left. Other options didn't have a lot of hope, but at least you could say you tried.
    • A reminder that Brock Purdy once threw the worst interception in Big 12 history. Video.
    • Here's a link to the perspective of the cameraman getting the stiff arm in the photo below.