Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Tensions were on edge after Sandy Hook. Carson Elementary in Decatur actually went into lockdown mode as a precaution. 

  • My Liberally Lean Weather Team is very skeptical of it snowing while it is above freezing and the roads remaining fine.  When I asked them for scientific support for their dismissiveness, they just told me, "Just don't sound right."   

    • Meanwhile out west . . . 

  • There was another mass shooting in California. This time the shooter was a 67 year old Asian man. What's going on?

  • We found out what was behind the Whataburger shooting in Fort Worth on Friday.  Social media will kill us all. 

  • Insurrection news:
    • More convictions for trying to overthrow the government, including a guy from Proper.

    • This guy got convicted as well (but they weren't sedition charges). I would have been worried when my lawyer showed up in that hat.  

  • This was a news tidbit out of Granbury ISD last night. I think the lede should be that people were actually brave enough to get into a plane that was purchased for just $42,000.

  • Gov. Abbott is leaning more and more into school vouchers. But make no mistake, vouchers are nothing more than just an attempt to move your tax dollars from public schools to private, unregulated Christian schools. It's anti-teacher and anti-public education. 

  • A Look-At-Me Sound Bite Warning has been issued for today in Washington. 

  • Best Picture nominees were announced moments ago. I've seen Top Gun (overrated) and All Quiet on the Western Front (very good.)

  • This is from the official Dallas Cowboys twitter account. That's pretty harsh coming from the team. 

  • Jacksboro's David Spiller wants to protect monuments.  Sheesh. Under the bill, for example, a statue honoring and praising those who took up arms against the United States in the Civil War will remain on state property unless two-thirds of the Texas legislature agrees to remove it. Otherwise, the Confederacy may in fact never die.  (That's at least better than a previous bill that said a statue over 40 years old could never be removed.)

    • Legal question: Say in the future there was a 51% Democratic majority in the legislature which didn't like this 2/3rds law. Couldn't they just vote to repeal the law since they are then in the majority? Then the 2/3rds requirement would be gone without ever having a 2/3rds majority. 
  • Legal nerdy entertaining stuff: Here's the beginning of a random federal court opinion released yesterday.

  • I keep telling you about ChatGPT

  • The Star-Telegram might be a little too excited about the weather today . . .