Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Here is what eventually happened to him

  • Brandt Hawkins of Bridgeport, and of Hawkins Funeral Home, died suddenly yesterday. I'm sick about this. He was a really, really good guy.

  • This is "Cruz" from Decatur per this post. Fox 4 retweeted it.

  • The Messenger is going from twice a week publication to just once a week. The print edition will be a Thursday edition. Currently they are on a Wednesday and Friday schedule. 

  • I give up.

  • I don't understand the this photo, or at least the cropping of it, on the front page of the Star-Telegram.

  • I had no idea that there anti-vaxxers think that Buffalo Bills player not only is dead because of a vaccine (not because he was involved in the car wreck type of collision on the field), but that there is now a body double being paraded around in his place. I'll say it again: These people are all around us. Example . . .  

  • Speaking of. Wise County's scandalous representative, who believes COVID is a hoax, is very excited about his new role. What a nut case.


  • It was a bad day for drivers yesterday.
  • Good lord.

  • While Gov. Abbott is supporting school vouchers and the gutting of public schools, a Democratic lawmaker has a different idea.

    • Related: From the front page of the Dallas Morning News today.

  • NewsMax has been dropped by DirecTV after a carriage fees fight.

  • Messenger:  Above the Fold