Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The controversial Dallas cop, with a great rapper name, made the news 10 years ago. I don't' know what ever happened to her.

  • Got him.

    • I'm sure people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Insurrection sympathizers are in mourning. Flashback:

  • It will now certainly become federal law by act of Congress. Texas senators Cruz and Cornyn, and 34 other Republicans, voted against it. The law really has no impact unless the Supreme Court overrules Obergefell as Justice Thomas has threatened to do. If that happens, this law wouldn't won't force Texas and other like-minded states to conduct same sex marriages, but it would require them to recognize same sex marriage legally conducted in other states. 

  • There is scant information about a hunter in Trophy Club falling from a tree after being shot with an arrow. He was then airlifted. 

  • Alvord has a new water tower! Don't underestimate a good looking water tower. 

  • Clarence Gilyard died yesterday. And yesterday was the first time I learned he was also that guy in Die Hard. 

  • The story doesn't say anything about bad weather, it says he just didn't return in the rented boat.
    • The guy was also said to have planned to "visit the SS Selma" which is something I was unaware of. 

  • What did I say yesterday about primetime Fox News?

  • World cup highlight (or lowlight) from yesterday.

  • We get lots of missing children alerts but this one feels different. He left home last night in Richardson after an argument and still hasn't been located this morning.  

  • It's really amazing that Decatur football lost their first three games of the year and is now just two wins away from being in the state championship game. In the playoffs, they have won by scores of 55-0, 42-15, and 41-0.
  • I said yesterday that I thought TCU had to win Saturday to get into the college football playoffs. All the experts on TV sure seem to disagree with that. But if it happens . . . 

  • Messenger - Above the Fold