Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I don't know where I found this in 2012, but it got my attention enough to post it. Notably, an incident between biker groups at the event in 2014 was reported to have been a precursor to the Twin Peaks shootout in Waco in 2015.

  • Late yesterday a plane carrying a pilot and one passenger hit and got stuck in an electrical tower in Maryland. After seven hours, they were rescued.

  • The City of Houston (pop. 2.2 million) issued a boil water notice. In response, the Houston ISD (195,000 students and 250 campuses) shut down for Monday.

  • A chase of a motorcycle in White Settlement had the police mad that he got away. Video.

  • The Aaron Dean/Anatiana Jefferson police shooting trial is set to start today. I don't think they were expecting Jim Lane, who died yesterday, to do anything in the trial anyway since his health had been failing. If a continuance is granted this morning, it's out of respect for Lane in Fort Worth and not because the defense team has found itself in an unusual situation. 

  • Someone caught on video two deer swimming across Lake Bridgeport.

  • It turns out that I wasn't the only one disturbed with Trump meeting with White Supremacist's for Thanksgiving dinner. Even right wing Breitbart took notice.

    • Trump spent all weekend doing damage control but, as he has always refused to do, he never condemned the white supremacists.

  • He's a strange guy

    • Unrelated but over the weekend we learned Musk wasn't familiar with the 2018 event of conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group forcing all of its affiliates to ironically read a script railing against "Fake News." (Deadspin created a viral video synching up all the affiliates reading the script word for word which the New York Times profiled.) 
  • The new Twitter is getting spammed by the Chinese right now to prevent news about the civil uprising against new COVID lockdowns.   

  • Kevin McCarthy, who may or may not be the next Speaker of the Republican controlled House, declared this over the holidays:

    • Someone quickly made a counter-point. I wonder who will be selected to read this provision?

  • This case is setting up to be one of the all time great mysteries.

  • So why did ESPN pay Joe Buck, $65 million over five years, and (especially) Troy Aikman, $95 million over the same period, all that money? It didn't matter one iota that they weren't there on Fox on Thanksgiving.

  • College football:
    • TCU went unbeaten and that's hard to do, and they are the favorite over K-State in the championship game on Saturday. And I think they need to win to get in the playoffs. It will be the most consequential game in the history of TCU.

    • Texas Tech fun fact:

    • Not fun fact: This fine event happened when Baylor was an its own 18 yard line, and triggered me to have an extreme case of Slumped Shoulders. UT scored in two plays and went up 14-9.

  • No one talking about gas being around $2.75?