Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This story got my attention because it involved DWI cops venturing off the streets and going into bars undercover. That's normally a job for TABC.  So what happened to the case against the 24 year old who got her picture plastered all over the news after police promoted the arrest? Not a single newspaper reported the disposition. I tracked it down in the records of the County Clerk of Montgomery County. After she demanded a jury trial, the case was dismissed because, as the prosecutor wrote, "Cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt." Document here

  • Remember this from August 2021?

    • Well, that man was sentenced to 7 years in prison yesterday after a sentencing hearing following a guilty plea.  I don't know much about it other than no alcohol or drugs were involved, and there wasn't a charge of recklessly or negligently killing the man. But the statute, Texas Transportation Code 550.021(c)(1)(A), carries up to a 20 year sentence for leaving the scene of an accident when a death is involved.  
  • In what I think is a first for the newspaper, almost all of the reporters at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram went on strike yesterday. They are asking for a wage floor of $57,500.  In response, the owners of the paper, McClatchy, notified the workers their health insurance coverage would end beginning tomorrow if the don't return to work.

  • This is a wild story. A sheriff's deputy (who was also a former trooper) traveled from Virginia to California in pursuit of a teenage girl he met online and promptly killed her grandparents and mother once he got there. He was then killed in a shootout with cops. All of the stories said that he "catfished" the girl, but none of them tell me how exactly he deceived her. 

  • This story out of Fort Worth where a woman is reunited with her family after being kidnapped as a baby is everywhere. The thing that sticks out to me is how quick and easy it is to find relatives from a sample of DNA sent in to sites like 23andMe. You don't need police. You don't need CODIS. You don't need to pay tens of thousands of dollars. It's amazing what you can do once you have a known DNA profile. 

  • If we've learned anything about Elon Musk and his insane purchase of Twitter, it's that the man is not the brightest bulb in the box.  Would you go up in one of his rockets now that you know how unstable he is?

  • Some of the families of the Uvalde Massacre sued various law enforcement agencies yesterday. Full lawsuit here. One thing I don't understand is governmental immunity in cases like this. Just when you think it has no chance, you'll see a settlement for a gazillion dollars. Remember that the United States paid $127.5 million for the school shooting in Santa Fe?

  • I'm not sure I had ever heard of the ongoing trial of a Border Patrol agent who is an accused serial killer on the streets of Laredo. Below is from front page of San Antonio Express-News. Click to enlarge.

  • I almost feel sorry for the primetime Fox News viewer.

  • Put the Filter Gal in the bucket of people who do not care about democracy. If they think there's a chance to get elected by any means, including force, they'll do it -- all the while invoking "God" and "patriot" along the way. Video.

  • Despite the strike, they were able to put a paper together.