Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

There were few details given other than he was found with his family. But little did we know then that a few years later that player would make the news for a ghastly crime against a jogger near White Rock Lake. 

  • For a second there yesterday, we thought the Russians had bombed Poland. It turned out to be a Ukrainian defense missile that went off course. It hit a farm and killed two. 

  • Combine the missile strike with people up in arms for not being able to buy Taylor Swift tickets through Ticketmaster online because of servers crashing, and you got this:
  • A man climbed on top of a tractor-trailer in Houston and danced as it went down a freeway. It did not end well

  • Elon sent an email last night. (Actual text here.) 

  • Trump's presidential announcement last night -- which seemed strangely "low energy" -- was met with brutal honesty by the "lame stream media." 
    • Washington Post and the New York Times

    • NBC News

    • National Public Radio

    • But the conservative New York Post was downright brutal:

  • My hot expert political thoughts on Trump:
    • He can't win the presidency. He is, and has been, the most hated man in America. People didn't turn out to vote for Biden -- they turned out because they will crawl across broken glass to vote against Trump. And in light of January 6th, that number next time will be even larger and have even more passion. It would be like the Democrats running Hillary. 
    • But can he win the Republican nomination? The numbers work better for him there. That's assuming he fields a multitude of opponents. There are at least half of all Republicans who are his disciples and who will follow him to the end of the Earth (or the nation). And even if that number is a third, that's enough to win almost every state in the primaries when you start divvying up the votes.  
    • I don't know if he wins if it was only a DeSantis vs. Trump in the primaries, but I don't see just DeSantis being the only one to challenge him. That would take a concerted effort of all non-Trump Republicans to rally around DeSantis, and that's just not going to happen. 
    • And Trump holds the ultimate Trump card and nuclear option: If he ends up losing a couple of primaries, he could threaten to run as his own third party.  And he's nutty enough to do it and the establishment Republicans know it.  If he actually did that, the Republican Party is literally destroyed in the next election.  In that regard, he holds them hostage. 
    • What a mess for the GOP. 
    • All that being said, I know better than to underestimate that guy. 
  • DeSantis fired back at Trump yesterday.  But he had quite a bit of shake-voice when he did it. I hear others says that he does not have the personality to deal with Trump one on one. 

  • Attorney news from up north a bit.

  • A Georgia judge yesterday ruled that the state's abortion law was unconstitutional because it was passed when Roe v. Wade was still the law of the land. If it was unconstitutional when passed, he wrote, it is forever void and Dobbs could not revive it.  I honestly have never thought about that, and have no idea if that's right. 

    • But what a footnote.

  • It keeps getting worse

  • Speaking of Republican problems, Marge thought it was a good idea to go on Infowars with Alex Jones yesterday before going to vote for Kevin McCarthy as the new speaker. 

    • The Republicans might end up with only 220 seats. With 218 needed as a majority, small coalitions can be a voting block. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and our own Ronny Jackson could be a crazy theoretical threesome.

  • In light of the shooting, UVA has cancelled Saturday's football game against No. 23 Coastal Carolina. 
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