Random Monday Morning Thoughts

From Random Thoughts on 11/14/12. 

  • There were a lot of videos of the mid-air collision that killed six in Dallas on Saturday. I think the top four are here (planes coming in towards the camera), here (screenshot below), here, and here

  • Over the weekend, Nevada and Arizona were called for the Democrats. The Senate, and President Biden's ability to have his federal judges confirmed, remains intact. (I'll break down my wrongful reliance on 538's prediction later.)

  • Election denier, both past and present, Kari Lake is probably going to lose the Arizona governor's race.  It's amazing how if they lose it's "Fraud!" but if they win "The system worked!" 
    • Saturday Night Live had a spot on imitation of her, complete with her trademarked "soft lens", as well as a great depiction of the Fox and Friends hosts:

  • The FTX crypto implosion turned into a bankruptcy and scandal as its founder was rumored to be headed for South America (which he denied) but with billions being unaccounted for. 

    • What makes Americans so gullible? Maybe because we are conditioned to be. Yep, that's the FTX founder on the right: 

  • College carnage: 
    • Shooting at UVA last night. The schools is still in "shelter in place" this morning since the gunman is still on the lose, but police have identified who they they are looking for, and  he is a former student and football player.  Edit: A current linebacker was just named as one of the victims.

    • Ruled a homicide in Idaho. The bodies were found yesterday afternoon. 

  • Elon Musk's  new Twitter verification system is going great. It was was abruptly put on hold on Friday, but the mess is still out there. 
  • Trump news:
    • Tiffany got married this weekend and, I'll admit, this is a nice family photo -- with the exception of one person not following the rules. 

    • Trump is now a major headache for the Republican Party. And he's a child. This was before the wedding: 

  • "Walther was a pastor at the Faith Baptist Church in Round Rock for the past 18 years, said David Clawson, a deacon at the church."  It looks like he wasn't the pastor, but the church's website -- and that's a big church -- has scrubbed him so I can't figure out what position he held.  Story.

  • Three images from the TCU/Texas game.  And, yes, I should have never doubted the Frogs.
    • Before the game, the UT coach was sporting a wild suit. 

    • Those first quarter stats. If I heard the broadcast correctly, it was the fewest number of combined yards for a first quarter in any college game all year. 

    • Best crowd shot

  • We had one of the Top Five all time catches yesterday in the wild Vikings/Bills game. Video.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Federal law makes it a crime for a person to possess a firearm if he is subject to a family violence protective order (18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8)).  Well, maybe not. Last Thursday a Trump federal judge in West Texas struck the law down citing the Supreme Court's Bruen decision from earlier this year. And this is one nausea inducing opening paragraphs: 

  • Legal nerdy stuff #2: The Texas legislature -- the same one which banned all abortion with no exceptions -- began pre-filing bills for the upcoming session at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Between 300-500 bills are expected to be filed before Thanksgiving.