Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

He's been at it a long time now.

  • The biggest election denier since Trump was officially beaten last night in Arizona.

    • She is taking the loss with all the class you would expect. And she certainly set herself up with this remark.

    • Liz Chaney reminded Lake of something last night. Actual link here

    • Flashback: She thought posing for this pic in anticipation of Trump's arrival would help her. 

  • Republican good news: They are now just one short of reaching the 218 majority in the House. That probably comes today. 
  • The Rhome mayor was sued because of a Facebook post. The case has now been settled by a mediation agreement where she will remove the post and then post a new apology. 

  • Police chase deaths in the last 24 hours: A Grand Prairie officer was killed last night, and two people in a fleeing vehicle were killed yesterday afternoon. 

  • Keller ISD went woke last night. Gotta protect the kids from all that gayness out there. 


  • A huge and moving silent turnout at the University of Virginia last night in honor of three football players shot dead

  • The number of ransomware attacks made on government entities (and payments to be free from them)  would stun us. We just never learn about it because it is something they don't want to publicize. It's happened here in Wise County more than a couple of times. 

  • That's a long and questionable way to get to "What are alligators?"

  • Trump will make his big announcement tonight. In the end, there's a chance that Lindsey Graham will turn out to have been right all along. The Republican primaries will be the wildest thing we've ever seen.  

  • Herschel Walker made another nonsensical comment yesterday and it even sounds nuttier than it reads. How is he in a run-off? 

  • The world's population counter just zoomed past a milestone this morning.

  • Victor Kiriakis (actually John Aniston - and Jennifer Aniston's dad) has died. I remember him on Days Of Our Lives back when I was in high school.  Now I'm wondering how Bo and Hope are doing. 

  • I said yesterday that 300 to 500 bills would be pre-filed in the Texas legislature before Thanksgiving. I got that number from TDCAA -- the official prosecutor's site.  The number of bills filed after just one day turned out to be 849 based upon numbers from the House and Senate.  A whole lot of damage is going to be done.