Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I had stumbled across this image on Facebook from someone claiming it was a deer 
swimming across Eagle Mountain Lake

  • I wouldn't suggest this

  • Control of the Senate, and the confirmation of federal judges, might come down to the race in Pennsylvania between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz. Last night they had their only debate.

    • Fetterman, who has had a stroke, struggled with his communication skills. Badly. Video example. I have no idea if last night hurt him or helped him. I was surprised this morning to hear many conservatives think the issue make him sympathetic and/or inspiring as he struggles to recover from something he had no control of. I don't know. 

    • Then Dr. Oz then stepped in it when he said that abortion you be a decision between the woman, her doctor, and "local political leaders."  Video. Who amongst us wouldn't want Ronny Jackson to have a decision in our daughter's decision? 

  • This is one of the victims of the crazy doctor who has been indicted on federal charges for intentionally injecting IV bags with foreign substances.

  • Fox 4's weather guy posted this photo of Lake Bridgeport this morning. The first real cold air will produce this wild looking smoke on the water. 

  • I don't want to speak for the guy, but I bet he would be fine on going out that way. He just thought everyone deserved the free choice to take the risk. 

  • Not only have home sales grinded to a halt, but so has refinancing because of lack of demand. There's almost no one who would benefit by doing so since you would first need to have a  mortgage with an interest rate which is higher than the current rates.  That's basically no one. 

  • A Texas Supreme Court justice posted this picture yesterday. Whatever that is (a breakfast burrito?), one of them is plenty. You don't need two. Secondly, the names displayed above each plate is beyond pretentious. 

    • But it's really the tone-deafness of stuff like this that gets me all torqued up. It's like saying, "Hey, look at me! You taxpayers are paying me a high salary but, while at work, I'm being served breakfast that you paid for. And I'll even jack around and post it to social media instead of working like you have to."
  • Updates from yesterday all involving Aggies: (1) The rumor mill is that the Aggie freshman player suspensions were due to smoking weed in the locker room, but I can't find any legit news source confirming that. (2) The NFL says that the referee wasn't asking for a post-game autograph from former Bucs player Mike Evans but instead provided this bizarre explanation . . . 

  • The most entertaining college game this weekend maybe Baylor and Texas Tech for one reason: Both teams are absolutely nuts about going for it on fourth down. And I love it. Here are the national leaders in attempts:

  •  "Top Shots" are NFTs which I have previously proclaimed, and will always proclaim, to be the dumbest thing in the world. The concept of "owning" a video clip of an NBA game is beyond absurd. Yet many people were suckers.   The current sales of Top Shots have dropped off a cliff. And demand is the only thing that gives them value. It's over. NFTs, of any type, are digital Beanie Babies. Source:

  • Editor's note: I'm not as grumpy today as I sound. 
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