Random Monday Morning Thoughts

"Space shuttle Endeavour's final journey was a 12-mile ride from LAX, through Inglewood, to the California Science Center in Exposition Park. Here it is in time lapse." Which was really cool.

  • This is awful, and isn't getting near enough press from the weekend skeleton news crews.

    • The shooter entered the hospital on Saturday morning, went to the maternity wing, struck his girlfriend who was there to deliver a baby in the head with a handgun, and then shot two workers dead who had come into the room to help. 
    • The workers were probably nurses, but we don't know for sure -- the hospital has basically gone into a communications lock-down. Something is going on, and I'm guessing they are scared of being sued (and Fox 4 had a story last night about how employees have complained about security for years.)
    • And the shooter is a poster child for guys who need to be locked up.
      • He had been to prison once before on a two year sentence for robbing a guy he had met in a convenience store.
      • And he went back to prison on an eight year sentence for robbing a woman as she walked into her apartment, leaving her duct taped in her bathroom. 

      • And his picture is like he had been cast for the role for a TV movie. 

    • And this shooting will cause all sorts of knee-jerk reactions about "law changes." Hey, his second crime was a first degree felony (5 years to life) where he was subject to serving 1/2 of his sentence by law.  He got 8 years so he got out in 4. If he had gotten 40, he would have had to have served 20.  The problem isn't with the laws, it's that his case gets lumped in an avalanche of penny-ante crimes that shouldn't be felonies to begin with. 
    • He also had an ankle monitor as a condition of parole. Almost all parolee's don't have an ankle monitor, and the fact that he had one tells you that TDC considered him high risk.  
  • The Runaway Bay cluster of dumping raw sewage into Lake Bridgeport is finally getting some metroplex press -- although this was page 23A of the Star-Telegram. This problem has been developing for years but . . . 

  • DPS finally fired a trooper in connection with Uvalde. But it was quietly done on Friday in a late day news dump.

    • Remember that the $300,000 Man said he would resign under these circumstances. 

  • This is a weird story.  The dad thinks people are "after him" so he disappeared with his wife and two autistic sons. The family hadn't been heard from in a week until they surfaced over the weekend. They left behind an elderly family member they were "taking care of" and "was found [last] Monday walking the neighborhood."

  • More trouble for the Clay County sheriff.

  • Trump was in Texas on Saturday. Remember a couple of months ago I mentioned how the Nazis began to make a martyr out of the date of Hitler's first coup attempt? And how I said we need to watch and see if ultra-MAGA did the same thing over January 6th? We didn't have to wait long. Video.

    • Related: On Friday in the trial of the leader of the Oath Keepers, we learned that the Brown Shirts were coordinating with each other.

  • The El Paso DA is probably in over her head, but you never -- I mean never -- ask for the Texas AG's office to help you in a criminal prosecution because they will screw it up. They aren't in the business of prosecuting. And they'll send in Austin lawyers who are bad at it while all the while being oblivious to the nature and customs of the jurisdiction they've walked into. She actually lucked out here.

  • How strangely worded is this from the Wall Street Journal? Ordered? Who would have known that you can't always trust an illegal drug courier. 

  • The wildest thing out of the college football weekend is that four snaps sailed over the punter for Weber State's head and all four resulted in safeties. I didn't think that's possible. All four quick loading videos are here.

  • The Cowboys had a 52 yard punt return to the Lion's 42 yards and then -- had to punt after not getting a first down.  That's hard to do.