Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I'm not sure why I posted this pic of a scruffy Pete Delkus 10 years ago. 

  • The Star-Telegram continues it's coverage of Runaway Bay letting raw sewage run into Lake Bridgeport. And I'll say this again: This problem didn't catch them off guard. They knew about it for years. 

  • We had a surprising number of early voters yesterday in Wise County: 1,645.  On the first day of early voting last March -- for the primaries where, let's be real, that's where the only contested races really happen -- Wise County had only 436 voters.  By the way, we have 50,026 registered voters right now. 
    Source: Sabra Srader CERA, Election Administrator

  • A new update regarding the DPS fallout over Uvalde.

  • Another day in America.

  • A play in two acts.
    • The wife of a Supreme Court justice is nutty and wouldn't mind overthrowing an election.

    • Yesterday that Supreme Court justice stopped a state government from investigating whether federal officials tried to overthrow its state election. Incredible. 

  • It's not supposed to work this way.

  • Adidas should have done it last week but they finally did it this morning. This is a big financial hit to Kanye but maybe more for Adidas. Have I mentioned it's beginning to feel a lot like pre-WWII Germany around here? 

  • Britney Griner's had her appeal predictably denied moments ago by a Russian appellate court on the spot. She got to attend by video feed from her prison cell. 

  • I just learned that a former Decatur High School graduate ('66) is going into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame this weekend. Edit: I was wrong. He was a Decatur resident but married a Decatur graduate -- Lynn Smith. Reuther graduated Tech in 1966. 

  • Former Texas great Sam Ehlinger gets the start on Sunday for the Colts, and the job is his to keep for the rest of the season. He's never thrown a pass in an NFL game. 
  • Trouble in Aggieland. 

  • The NFL is reviewing two refs getting an autograph from Tampa Bay's Mike Evans.  They aren't supposed to do that. Video.

  • Re: The Rangers hiring Bruce Bochy. Compared to the hiring of a football coach, the hiring of a major league baseball manager is basically inconsequential.