Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A Rupert Murdoch newspaper.

  • The fallout over 19 dead children in Uvalde continues. The head of the Texas Rangers quietly retired last month without so much as a whimper. 

    • Gov. Abbott was caught off guard yesterday with a question about the resignation.  He said he didn't know anything about it and, shockingly, also said that he couldn't even remember "talking to the him" in the past.  

  • After doing nothing for months, I woke up my highly paid Liberally Lean First Alert Weather Center, and they alerted me that it will be a very heavy line of storms going through Wise County about the time you go to work tomorrow.  And the high will only be 55 degrees.

  • Early voting in Wise County after three days is still pretty heavy. Grand total is 4,780 which is just under 10% of all registered voters. 

  • Kind of legal nerdy: I keep seeing reports that the alleged nurse killer at Harris Methodist was subject to a minimum 25 year sentence for his past case where he received only 8 years and for which he was out on parole at the time. That may be right, but I've yet to see the specifics on him. In Texas, in order to be subject to a 25 year minimum there needs to be two final felony convictions that (1) occur in a sequence and (2) which did not involve a probation. To put it an easier way, it gets triggered if a person is convicted, goes to prison, then gets out, commits another felony, gets convicted, goes to prison, and then gets out. Then the next time he commits a felony then he is subject to the 25 year minimum.  It sounds crazy when you write it out, doesn't it? 

  • Quick hits about this story and headline.

    • The guy was a member of the Pagans motorcycle group. The only time I had ever heard of the Pagans was in the very bad 1987 Dragnet movie starring Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd. Definitely not the same Pagans.

    • The headline is weird when it says he was sentenced to a "total [of] 180 years and will run concurrently." What's the point of totaling up concurrent sentences? They were 50, 50, 50, and 30. 
    • It happened at Eight Ball Billiards and Bar on Jacksboro Highway. In this street view image, the bar has a big sign saying it supports the constitution and free speech. I wouldn't want to test that free speech part inside there. 

  • The Dallas Morning News has a front page chart on the number of people sitting in prison on pot cases in Texas. That's kind of misleading. Most marijuana cases are misdemeanors where people are subject to the local jail and not state prison. Heck, Wise County has 13 people right now in the local hoosegow with pending misdemeanor pot charges. 

  • Oops.

  • Corporate Office Invasion. He's doing great. 

  • Corporate Office Invasion 2.0. I'm not sure this guy is all that far behind Kanye in the nuts department.  (He interestingly posted this morning to advertisers that he won't let Twitter become a "free-for-all hellscape." It was also just announced that Twitter will be de-listed from the NYSE tomorrow. I'm not real sure what either of those things really mean.)

  • This is how democracy dies: Calling an election fraudulent in case you lose. It's now in the playbook. Supported by Fox News. Video.

  • I'd care more about the new Herschel Walker allegations if Gloria Allred was not involved. She taints anything she's involved in.