Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The Rangers were forced into a one-game playoff with the Orioles -- which they lost -- only because of a season ending collapse that culminated in a bizarre final regular season game against the A's. In that game, they also blew a 5-1 lead because Josh Hamilton dogged it and dropped a fly ball in the fifth inning. Video of it here. (Below, Manager Ron Washington confronted Hamilton in the dugout after the drop.) Here was Hamilton's Biblically-based quote after the season ending playoff loss to the Orioles: “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you in your hometown, leave that town and shake the dust off your feet.''

  • A Bridgeport High School student was killed over the weekend in a one car wreck on CR 1308. That's a narrow paved road running north of 380 from Bridgeport proper.

  • Gov. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who has campaigned on a no-exception pro-life platform, got busted last night when a former girlfriend came forward who had the actual receipts of when he paid for her abortion. Herschel immediately denied it which no one believes. (Even his emergency appearance on Hannity was laughable.)

    • Then his son went scorched earth. Oh, my: 

  • A protestor ran onto the field last night during Monday Night Football and then got crushed by a player.  That got real close to a helmet to skull hit -- something which is probably not the best idea. Videos here and here

  • The smartest thing to do would be simply to deny you fell asleep. Has Trump taught politicians nothing?  

  • Gov. DeSantis nice, clean, and white rubber boots got some attention yesterday as he inspected Hurricane Ian damage.

  • They go to Tennessee (!!!) to recruit troopers?

  • Legal nerd stuff: The Supreme Court granted a cert petition yesterday to decide the scope of section 230 which protects Internet companies from lawsuits for what is published on their sites by others.  And it was still granted despite having a huge typo in the very first sentence. 

  • Legal nerdy stuff #2: Does Brady, the requirement that exculpatory evidence be turned over to the defense, apply to cases resolved by a plea bargain? I always thought it did, but apparently that isn't a settled question. The Supreme Court is being asked to decide it, and the petition doing so puts Williamson County, Texas once again in the cross-hairs:

  • This ad keeps showing up on my Twitter timeline. What the heck is that supposed to be? 


  • Double header today in Arlington. I'm beginning to think he's not going to do it. 

  • Ticket fans only:  The Dallas Morning News had an article/opinion piece last night about The Ticket's new competitor, the horribly named "The Freak", which features former Ticket exes taking on the station. There were two quotes which raised eyebrows.
    • From Mike Rhyner on why he joined the new competitor:

    • The reaction of Corby Davidson, Rhyner's old partner:

  • That photos on the front page below, taken by the woman's son, really confused me so I went exploring. The story (free) was originally in the Washington Post. He went a long way to retrieve his stranded mother from her home but decided to record it all in a look-at-me GoPro video.  At one point in that video, published with the story, he has her laid out on a table behind him as he does his own-self interview.