Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The great Lari Barager, then of Fox 4 News, dropped by my office 10 years ago this week. It had to do with the fire being intentionally set in a courthouse bathroom. She always kept an eye on Wise County for crazy stories. 

  • CNN has obtained a Uvalde video showing the first DPS trooper who arrived at the school.  She's one of the handful of troopers who are now under investigation by the agency. But get this: She resigned from DPS over the summer but now works for -- oh, my -- the Uvalde ISD Police Department.

    • The last sentence of the article is a shocker:

  • Senate candidate Hershel Walker told Fox and Friends yesterday morning that he didn't even know who the woman was that was making the claim he paid for her abortion (despite her having a cancelled check and a get-well card from him). Well, last night the same lady gave permission to reveal she is also the mother of one of Walker's children. 

  • World news this morning: When we say we want the rest of the world to be "more like America", we don't mean this part. 

  • That's quite the opening sentence.


  • Texas executed a man last night over objections from the D.A.'s office. Background:

    • But this line, from another story, is a little haunting. Out. Of. Habit.  

  • "The man accused of intentionally driving his SUV through a crowd of Christmas parade attendees in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last year, killing six people and wounding dozens more, is set to represent himself at his homicide trial Thursday amid concerns over his mental health." This does not appear to be going well.

  • Remember Gov. Abbott's stunt to have you voluntarily donate money to Build The Wall? Well, it has raised $54 million. How much of that came from one guy? $53.1 million.

  • Did the crazy Texas DA who filed obscenity charges against Netflix for the show Cuties dismiss that case? That's what was buried in this legal nerdy article yesterday about a different case being argued before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

  • What is that exactly? A Nazi? 

  • Business news this morning: It's on its last legs. And I was just reminded of their Christmas commercial from a couple of years back which seems timely.

  • Final American League standings (the first time I've looked at them in a while). Is this bad?:

  • The metroplex media has yet to pick up that Runaway Bay is dumping raw sewage into Lake Bridgeport. Lari Barager would be up here by now.