Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Remember that game next time someone says he should be in the Cowboys' Ring of Honor. And the single playoff win. (I don't hate the guy -- just think he was average.)

  • Saturday: Police in Indonesia fire tear gas to stop the storming of the field. A stampede broke out and as a result we've got more people killed than in Hurricane Ian.

  • Remember that sailor accused of the billion dollar arson of the ship in San Diego? He was found not guilty. So either he didn't do it and/or I continue to believe that proving a fire was intentionally set is next too impossible.  Heck, I think even determining that a fire was intentionally set is basically impossible.

  • Just a message that Democracy is Dead. Totally normal. (From Saturday's rally, And the fact he's even doing those rallies is very, very weird.) 

  • A recent Wise County case that was in the Messenger made it to the big city paper. And I was told it was the "Hollywood Knowledge" questions on KCSC this morning (although I don't know what that means.)  

  • Ted Cruz filming himself buying beer and talking to the camera is the most cringe-inducing thing you'll see all day.

  • Follow-up from last week: (1) So a Florida sheriff can just go on Good Morning America and falsely proclaim "hundreds" are "definitely" dead from the hurricane and we just give him a pass? (2) Here's the probable cause affidavit of the warden of an ICE facility shooting immigrants. 

  • I've never so wanted to go near a boat in my life. 

  • It's pronounced fen-tuh-nil and not fent-ah-null.  It's the new nuclear. 
  • I'm not sure why the AP decided to drop a bombshell article about Ken Paxton on a bury-the-news Friday afternoon. 

  • This was in Ohio, and it may be about as mad as I've ever seen people. Video - Extreme language warning. And those weights being popped out of the fish is quite the sight.

  • The Price is Right on Friday:

  • This photo was on the cover of the Dallas Morning News on Sunday. It's a curious choice, but there's a lot subtly going on there. 

  • If you've got 42 seconds, listen to play-by-play man Tim Brando try to guess this puzzle during the UT game. 

  • College football: (1) I'm not convinced TCU is for real, (2) OU's defense is shockingly bad, (3) Jimbo Fisher's Aggies have the name record as the fired Kevin Sumlin, 37-16 (4)  Baylor's all yellow uniforms should be burned, (5) Never bet college football, (6) Opening Big 12 lines:

  • Aaron Judge's last chance to break the American League and Yankee home run record in Arlington. Four games beginning tonight.