Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Above: How it started on 9/5/12. Below: Where it went. 

  • I'm hearing about a female child's death due to a falling object at a birthday party in Rhome at a rented facility over the weekend. Paradise second grader. Edit: It's in the Update
  • The public access to Wise county's jail and court records, as well as the regularly updated jail list, is now back online. (They changed a URL and didn't tell anyone.) But e-filing in the county courts and district court is still unavailable as of yesterday morning. 
  • We had an interesting timeline by DPS yesterday.
    • The Texas Tribune was set to release this expos√© about DPS's failure at Uvalde and Col. Steve McCraw's attempt to cover it up and deflect blame.

    • Moments before it was published, DPS  -- always in damage control and CYA mode -- suddenly announced that it is taking action against five of the troopers.  (And "taking action" is an overstatement. Nothing will happen to the 5 out of 91 troopers.)

    • Regarding the actual Tribune story, I thought these two paragraphs about who finally took charge was about as complete as I've read, especially that last sentence:

    • DPS notably put some troopers in Uvalde for the cameras yesterday.

  • Breaking news from The Washington Post last night: Nuclear secrets were recovered from Mar-a-Lago. I'm now beginning to believe Trump is actually going to be indicted. 

  • It looks like an expensive home in Colleyville went up in flames this morning. 

  • Austin's airport is completely shut down this morning because it is completely without power.  Even the terminals are dark. And they think it might be due to a construction snafu next door.

  • I kind of like commissioners and a county judge fighting in Wichita County about how much to tax people.  

  • Trump schedules a rally in Ohio for 7:00 p.m. on September 17th. Anything else going on in Ohio at that exact date and time which those people care about? 

  • When I saw this headline I thought it was referring to language interpreters. Nope. The new ruling deals with sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired. 

  • My hot legal opinion is that a hung jury should always preclude a retrial on Double Jeopardy grounds. It's not the law, but it should be: The government gets one shot at you and one shot only.

  • Kind of legal stuff: If you are interested in the Candy Montgomery axe murder case which was recently featured in a Hulu docu-drama and will get yet another one on HBO this fall, you might also be interested in this new interview of the then 27 year old second chair defense lawyer. 

  • The great images from the last time the Cowboys were on the field:

  • Messenger: Above the Fold