Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

We got to see Jerry Jones' personal eyeglass cleaner on Sunday Night Football.  And it's hard to believe that this will now be Jerry's 34th year as team owner. 

  • Number of days Wise County government's court/jail public access website has been down: Six
  • Students in Uvalde go back to school for the first time today. 

    • I saw a couple of seconds ago that news reporters were in Uvalde for this morning's school drop off. Look at those cars in the background. Can you imagine watching your kid walk away? 

  • Lots of gnashing of teeth about this yesterday from the left, but I don't think it's a big deal at all. The Justice Department has already seen every one of the the documents so they know whether a crime has been committed or not. Which, of course, there has been. 

  • The plunging carnival ride in India is quite the video

  • After Boris Johnson's resignation, the UK now has a new prime minister. She met Queen Elizabeth this morning for her formal induction. And the Queen sighting may be the bigger story because rumors of her health over the last month were not good. 

  • The Dallas Morning News has a story today about a "Sovereign Citizen" who actually received a prison sentence. He first got the Arlington cops' attention when he sent them a $5,000 bill because of his traffic stop and citation, but he really got in trouble when he lied about a past felony conviction (which he refused to acknowledge and recognize) on a firearms application. 

    • And wives, don't be like this.

  • The Ticket's Junior Miller posted this photograph of a very large tree that went down during the storms on Sunday in his neighborhood near the Greenville Avenue area in Dallas.

  • This video became widespread a few days ago, but I just saw it. The footage is wild, especially since there's audio which catches everything including when a neighbor comes up and slowly realizes what has gone down.  A grand jury refused to indict the man.

  • This Tarrant County juvenile judge seems to stay in a lot of trouble. Story.

  • Far right wing candidate for Tarrant County Judge, Tim O'Hare, had a big fund raiser, and I noticed that "Patriot Mobile" was the first host listed. That's the group spending money to take over school boards with book banners. 

  • Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the massacre at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich.  I highly recommend the documentary about the event called One Day in September. It's incredible.

  • I'm revising my review of The Morning Show. Season 1 was very well done and thought-provoking. But Season 2, which I've now completed, was an unmitigated train wreck of bad writing. Huge thumbs down. Side note: The show also has a horrible theme song and visual intro. 
  • My record setting Stadium's Visited List gets a new addition this week: I'm going to Provo, Utah to see Baylor at BYU.