Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Text at the time: "House Fire (Wise County) Four Wise County fire departments are battling a house fire at 6769 Farm Road 51 North. The blaze is near the intersection of County Road 2625."

  • It's Labor Day, and yet again I prove I'm THWMISB™.
  • But the far right wing Wise County Conservatives (who meet in a church) want you to know that you are a Commie if you are taking the day off. 

    • It should be noted that the post is embarrassingly wrong from an historical standpoint. Yet another reason that you shouldn't ban books. 
  • Wise County's public website which has all the court and jail information has been down for five days. And when it is down, the internal system used by the jail, courts, prosecutors, and clerks is also down.   I've never seen it offline this long, and it makes me believe something is seriously wrong. 
    • I realize there is a big move from the courthouse to temporary offices going on (because of courthouse renovation), but that wouldn't explain it. The county servers are housed in the old Wells Fargo building and they aren't impacted. 
    • Ransomware attack? That's pure speculation. But it happened once before to the Sheriff's office. 
  • A junior varsity player from Dalhart:

  • Moments ago. Regardless of whether it actually happens, gas prices will go up on the news alone. 

  • Horrible death from his condo in the "Jenga building" in lower Manhattan. "The chain had said Wednesday that it will lay off approximately 20% of corporate employees, close around 150 stores and slash several of its in-house home goods brands."

  • News out of Seattle, Washington in the last 12 hours:

  • I got a very cryptic message that this new documentary on Hulu about a teacher-student relationship has a Decatur connection. I haven't watched it yet. 

  • Crazy news out of normally calm Canada.

  • On Friday, the details of the documents found (and not found) in Trump's place at Mar-a-Lago were released. He responded on Saturday by calling the FBI "vicious monsters."   We might as well call it MAGA vs. The Union now. 

  • Also on Friday, there was a hung jury over in Denton.  There's something not quite right about that case involving a former Ranger star.

  • Video of construction tumbling like a house of cards in Dallas yesterday during a storm. I'm no contractor, but I don't think that should happen that easily.

  • "Just before 3:30 am [on Friday], Engine 12 was responding to a house fire when it was involved in a rollover accident on NW 28th St on the north-side of Fort Worth. All 4 firefighters were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. No other vehicles were involved." Fort Worth is probably self-insured on stuff like this, right?

  • This was in connection with the $10,000 loan forgiveness order. You think this worked out well for them?

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Tarrant County has formally asked the AG whether a magistrate appointed by the judges can also serve as a legal advisor to those judges.  The County Auditor told the AG it was an "ongoing situation" and needed to be answered as soon as possible. The job salary for the recently posted opening was included in the request.

  • Other Tarrant County court news:

  • If you haven't seen the two plays in the final seconds that Uvalde used to win its first home game, you need to.

  • Wise County high school football highlights: (1) Decatur gave up 15 points in the last 4:37 to send the game against Wichita Falls Rider into overtime -- and then lost, (2)  Bridgeport beat Boyd in a defensive struggle, 63-62, and (3) Boyd had a Big Man Touchdown:

  • Kickoff at UCLA for the first game of the year. And the Big 10 wants them for the LA market? 

  • UT opens as a 20 point underdog against Alabama. Kickoff is Saturday at 11:00 a.m.