Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I never heard much about this through the grapevine. 

  • Former Decatur great impressed his Atlanta Braves last night -- as they should be. Complete games are basically unheard of these days.  But what's up with the beard?

  • I spent five minutes trying to figure out how there would only be one to two inches of rain in around Tampa until I finally figured it out. 

  • I'm guessing this was just a freakish death. But if something weird was going on, it would require a different police recruit, who is just starting a new job, to talk. 

  • I met this guy when I was D.A. back in the 1990s. While he had a full time job as the Bexar County Medical Examiner, he had a "side gig" where he would privately contract himself out as a defense expert witness. Someone hired him on a case we were prosecuting. I thought that was weird.

  • You know one conspiracy theory I subscribe to? That the DEA is making up the Rainbow Fentanyl claim. 

  • Another thing I don't believe: That this will be built in Frisco by a bunch of YouTube video guys. Absolutely no way. 

  • The attempt to avoid the subpoena is the headline, but I think it's more interesting to learn when someone has been officially "served." 

  • A faithful reader, who I trust, wrote in response to my Terry Bradshaw ranch-for-sell in Oklahoma told me that Bradshaw just bought 150 acres in Montague County "in the Ringgold area." 
  • Cowboy thoughts:
    • Quarterback controversy, baby!

    • The thing I remember most from the game.

    • Remember that I had a way-too-long bullet point the other day about how an OU player did not score when he cut across the end zone, did not put a foot down in the end zone, and held the ball outside the pylon? Well the Giants' Saquon Barkley (animated, above) also cut across the end zone in his run, did not put a foot down, but he took the ball inside the pylon. But it was a little close because he started to move the ball towards his left and towards the pylon mid-flight to celebrate.  No one mentioned this.

  • Former Baylor coach Kim Mulkey's refusal to talk about her former player, Brittney Griner, is down right weird. Video.  (Baylor's current coach, Nicki Collen, talked about her for almost five minutes yesterday.)
  • Ron Washington made it to the White House yesterday.