Random Monday Morning Though

That bullet point is still valid a decade later.

  • There was an 18 wheeler on its side on 380 in front of Love's in Bridgeport this morning causing a weird early morning traffic jam. I don't know how that could happen. 
  • Russia had a school shooting a few hours ago. When we say we want them to be more like America we weren't talking about that part.

  • DPS troopers shot and killed someone Friday a little ways north on 287. This was barely reported by anyone.

  • I thought this would be deal. No one paid attention. 

  • Italy has a new prime minister which some people are saying is a throw back to the days of Mussolini.  Here she is with Steve Bannon which is not a good sign. And that's all I know about Italy politics.

  • Tomorrow the leader of the Oath Keepers goes on trial for his role in Trump Insurrection. It finally gets serious. 

    • Speaking of that guy, I've been meaning to mention this for months: I was at the Wise County Jail to see an inmate a several months back and noticed in the waiting room an old copy of The Atlantic magazine. The date on it was November 2020 and was printed and released before the election.  It was, in retrospect, shockingly deadly accurate. Amazing, in fact. It had an article about how Trump could attempt to disrupt the electoral college if he lost, and there was a separate article on the guy above standing by to help him. I even took photos I was so impressed by its prognostication. (I'm guessing that the powers at be didn't know the magazine was out there. It was gone the next time I went back.)

  • Metroplex radio news. The Eagle will become "The Freak" and transform itself into an all sports talk with ex-Ticket personalities coming on board to lead the way.

  • Another superintendent who doesn't want to put up with the nonsense of CRT, book banning, and nutcases showing up at school board meetings. (He didn't say that, but there's no question that's what's going on -- particularly with that school district.)

  • Terry Bradshaw's ranch up near the casino in Oklahoma is on the market for $22.5 million.  He used to have a ranch outside of Roanoke. 

  • A real score out of Nacogdoches from Saturday. 

  • UT fans are understandably pulling their hair out. They have lost everyone of these games in the last 12 months:

    • But don't blame their kicker. He's money. With a great name and even better hair. 

  • For everyone saying they've never seen a field goal attempt go off the top of the upright as it did in the Arkansas/Aggie game, the exact same thing happened three weeks ago. Video clip.
  • Moments ago: The NFL Pro Bowl is now officially dead.