Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

After a police chase, a man committed suicide, and it was all broadcast live on Fox News. Anchor Shephard Smith, who could see it unfolding, yelled,  "Get off it, get off it, get off it" at producers to no avail.

  • The Sheriff of Florida's Lee County was on Good Morning America this morning and just blurted out that deaths would "definitely" be in the "hundreds" due to Hurricane Ian. Video. (Odd: GMA posted the clip on its own Twitter account and then took it down. I wonder if the Sheriff got a little ahead of himself on this one.)

  • In about a 30 minute span last night, we learned that . . . 
    • Coolio died, 

    • Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband finally decided to divorce her,

    • and Aaron Judge finally hit #61.

  • I've got the weirdest brain connection of Coolio to convicted capital murderer Darlie Routier because of this event which happened in 1996 which has stuck with me. I'm not dogging the decision, I just have never forgotten it.

    • Side note: Darlie Routier has been on death road forever. But it looks like further DNA tests have been ordered, and I bet that case still gets wild before everything is said and done. 
  • Hurricane fake alerts:
  • What was Lara Trump thinking?

  • The sentences are getting longer, but still not enough:

  • The Senate Rules Committee voted 14-1 in favor of of the legislation. Ted Cruz, who would overthrow democracy in a New York minute if given the chance, as the lone vote. He's simply a bad human being. 

  • Tarrant County juvenile judge Alex Kim has been under fire lately, but I had never seen the inside of his courtroom before. What's up with the size of that lettering? Let's dial that back a little, shall we? 

  • A swing and a miss by me on this one. They only deliberated 30 minutes.

    • In my defense, I was not aware of the following change when I predicted the not guilty verdict.  I've always said, unless you've got a bad history of convictions, your chances of being found guilty increase dramatically if you don't testify no matter how much the jury panel tells you they won't hold it against you. Nevertheless, I was still wrong on my shoot-from-the-hip prediction on this case. 

  • President Biden forgot someone was dead yesterday -- the Congresswoman who was killed along with two of her staffers on August 3, 2022.  No way around this one. That's bad.  Video.

  • Update: There's still not a single news story about the Trooper-Fentanyl-Bexar County "incident" other than those which rely solely on DPS's suspicious tweet. This really bugs me. Throw in the Uvalde lies, and DPS's credibility is at an all time low.