Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Yet another case lost to our poor memories  -- at least mine. Kevin Safford received 4 years probation and $5,000 fine.  I don't think he ever appealed. 

  • I don't want to call myself a legal genius, but what should I wear to the inevitable Hall of Fame call I'm going to get?
    • Last week:

    • Yesterday:

  • The Rhome mayor walked out of a council meeting late last week and then the cops had to escort out audience members. "Josh wants to be mayor real bad, so I'm gonna let him." The video is cued up here

    • Side note: That's officer Rex Richie who can be seen acting calmly in the video. I incorrectly referred to him last week as "former Rhome police officer" when mentioning the Royce Wood criminal case where Richie was shot in the leg. I was thinking of Brody Brown who was with Richie at the time of the shooting. My bad. 
  • An arrest of a lawyer in Archer County led to a mistrial in Montague County:

    • Side note: Did the DA up there change her name from Casey Polhemus to Casey Hall? I missed that. Marriage? Divorce? 
  • Last night, the Southlake Carroll ISD board (brought to you by Patriot Mobile) clearly violated state law when they rejected donated signs. The statute says the school "must display" them.


  • We had some fun couples at the U.S. Open last night to watch Serena Williams farewell tour.
    • Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth:

    • Mike Tyson and Martina Navratilova:

  • A new poll of past Trump voters. Nuts. And I bet an equal number of Trump voters now support the January 6th Insurrection:

  • Speaking of, we finally had a decent prison sentence of a Trump Insurrectionists yesterday.

  • You can't complain when people you don't like also exercise their Texas right to open carry scary looking weapons. 

  • I meant to post this yesterday. Why does Ted Cruz have to be such a miserable human being? Video

  • A new Gallup poll shows support of labor unions has risen to 71%. That's up 23 points since 2010. That's amazing. And a big deal.