Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I still think about how weird Clint Eastwood and the empty chair bit was at the Republican Convention. 

  • That was a wild Sunday:
    • A drive by shooting in North Forth Worth (very close to Saginaw) left two kids dead and baby hurt. The house wasn't far off the what we refer to as the Saginaw Cutoff.

    • I-35 northbound near downtown Fort Worth was shutdown a short time later because of police chase and the police shooting of a man. A female in the car was also killed but police say she was killed by that man. (This video taken by someone who was able to pass way too close to the car -- by going 10 mph in the adjacent express lane -- is pretty crazy.)
      Guns drawn on suspect vehicle as motorist drives by

      Somehow there are two people already dead in this car.

    • And it didn't involve a crime, but about the same time we had a dramatic shot of an 18 wheeler burning in Roanoke on 114.

  • On Saturday, there was a wrong way driver on 360 in Arlington in the middle of the afternoon.  After watching the video of it happen, tell me how there were only "two calls" about it to police. 

  • If this headline of a cheerleader at Prosper High School being injured seems familiar . . . 

    • . . . it should because the exact same thing happened one year ago. The girl in the wheelchair below, who showed up for the prayer vigil this weekend, was paralyzed in 2021 because of a cheerleading accident while a student at the same school. Anyone think there might be a problem here?

  • Houston did their part for crime early on Sunday when a guy who had been evicted set fire to his complex and then shot three dead as they fled. Two other people were hit but survived.

  • The redacted Trump affidavit was released on Friday. It told us some things but not much. He may never get indicted for anything, being he's flying close to the sun on this one. 

  • We've got a new crazy Herschel Walker quote. This one is mind-blowingly confusing.

  • The President made headlines on Friday for using the semi F word.

    • The again, summarily removing duly elected officials is a little semi-fascist. 


    • As is Lindsay Graham urging riots when his leader breaks the law and authorities consider holding him responsible. From yesterday: 

  • Random football nugget from the first weekend of college football, and Nebraska's loss of the biggest game of the weekend. 

  • Decatur's season did not start of well.

  • Why exactly are we preparing to go back to the moon? (The unmanned launch this morning will circle the Earth a bunch of times and return in 42 days. But that launch has been delayed and the window closes at 9:33 a.m. CST. Edit: It's been called off. )