Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The most unstable box scores the Messenger ever produced.

  • If this is a "staged photo" . . .

    • . . . so are these.

    • And especially this (which should have been a crime against Christianity) . . .

  • Trump may have finally guaranteed his indictment yesterday. When complaining that the picture being staged, he admitted that he knew the documents were there and where they were kept.  This is bad. And wasn't it just the other day that he said all the documents were "planted"?

  • And while Trump was sealing his fate on social media, one his lawyers was on Fox News randomly saying that lots of people had access to his office where the documents were kept. They are both so bent out shape about the FBI creating a photograph with the documents, that they are making admissions left and right. 

  • Sarah Palin lost last night to a Democrat in her bid to become Alaska's only House representative. (But this is only to finish an unexpired term that ends December 31st.  There is a completely different election between the same candidates in November for the full two year term.)

  • And I still feel like I'm missing one. There have been a bunch lately. 

  • When Abbott does a PR stunt of going "door to door", how many doors do you think he actually knocks on? I'm guessing less than five, and I might be overshooting it.

  • Her sin in Oklahoma? She posted a QR code to the Brooklyn Public Library, which gives students online access to banned books. A library. Yell at me for Hitler comparisons all you want, but we just keep getting closer. It's almost, what would you call it, "semi-fascist" behavior?

  • Some stories just don't make sense. There were a ton of reports over the weekend about a BYU fan shouting the N-word at a Duke volleyball player.  At BYU? That seemed odd. Now it appears the story may not have been true at all. 

  • Texas will still put you in a cage for it, but a new Gallup poll shows . . .   

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton, who is still under indictment, will be hanging out with Trump in New Jersey today.

  • This made me laugh. The audience member was as sincere as the day is long.   

  • That story looks juicy.

  • After I posted this yesterday . . . 

    • . . . a faithful reader told me it looked familiar and attached this . . . 

  •  Number of days that the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to fix and update the PDF of the jail roster: 2.