Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I had to go down my own rabbit hole to figure out what I was talking about. It caused a little bit of hubbub in the county when a guy decided to run for County Surveyor so the commissioner's court, in response, decided to put a proposition on the ballot to abolish the position. The ultimate result from later in the year  . . . 

  • There was a pretty big fire near Rhome last night. This video clip gives a pretty good indication of it's size. Those little red and blue lights seen in the screenshot are emergency vehicles.

  • The Alex Jones video clip of him being confronted with the news that his lawyer inadvertently turned over two years of text messages to the lawyer who was cross-examining him went viral yesterday. But . . .

    • As attention-grabbing as that moment was, there really weren't any texts from those two years that were all that relevant for impeachment. The set-up was great, but the payoff was underwhelming. 
    • But how Jones' lawyer just sat on his hands during that entire exchange is amazing. Buddy, do something. Just make up an objection if you can't think of one.  

    • "You know what perjury is?" is an amateur question and makes you sound like you learned trial work from watching Law and Order.  But everyone else out there seemed to eat it up.
    • Don't get me wrong. I still hope Alex Jones gets hit with a billion dollar verdict. 
  • The Brittney Griner trial is concluding this morning. It has to be a long sentence, right? I mean, a short sentence just hurts Russia's negotiating rights in a prisoner exchange. 

  • Indiana Congresswoman, two young aides, killed in car crash.

    • That made me curious as to how often a member of Congress dies while in office.  Answer: All the time (although normally it's from natural causes or sudden illness.)
  • Oh, my. "The gas station clerk told officers [she] walked into the store and bought 50 cents worth of gasoline . . . .  Another witness told police they saw [her then] pump the gas into the back seat of the Jeep before walking around to the driver’s side and igniting it. The affidavit says witnesses saw the [victim] get out of the Jeep engulfed in flames and run through the parking lot before someone used a fire extinguisher on him."  There's probably video of that in the hands of police and prosecutors.

  • John Eastman, who should be one of the first to be indicted, not only was committing treason but also trying to get rich while doing it. 

  • The Senate voted 95-1 yesterday to allow Sweden and Finland to enter NATO. The one Senator who voted against it did so to get attention. Guess which station and host obliged him last night.

  • How other states would have voted if the Kansas abortion law were put to a vote (according to an analysis of the New York Times.) I think this is spot on. 

  • If you want to watch a weird 22 second clip of Congressman Madison Cawthorn play commando, here you go

  • Former OU great and current Cardinal wide receiver Marquis "Hollywood" Brown was arrested for "criminal speeding" yesterday -- a crime I had never heard of. Apparently Arizona upgrades a speeding charge if you go faster than 20 miles over the speed limit. But that deserves an arrest? That's dumb.

  • And another. I had to double-check to make sure this is different than the 1.7 million project that Hillwood just announced and which I referenced on Monday. It is. 

  • Britney has an issue with you Catholics out there. 

  • Very, very legal nerd stuff: If a judge dismissed a DWI case seven months after the arrest on the basis of a defense Speedy Trial claim, do you think it would stand up on appeal? Nope. (Opinion handed down yesterday.) I can't believe it was ever granted, but I'd love to practice in front of that judge.