Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That was my hot take after Cruz won the Senate primary. I couldn't have been more wrong. You may not hear about the Tea Party anymore, but that's because the Tea Party became the Republican Party in Texas.

  • The killing of  al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in a drone strike will probably be quickly forgotten. But he was a big player for 9/11 and much of the acclaimed book, The Looming Tower, on the terrorist organization was dedicated to him. He just never became a household name. 

    • Mostly unnoticed by many is that the killing was done by the CIA and not the military.  

    • He was hit on the balcony of his home in a pretty "upscale" neighborhood in Kabul not far from our now abandoned embassy.

    • That's it post-strike:

    • And look what we killed him with. That thing doesn't have any explosives on it. Those blades, which can cut through metal and concrete, are what do the damage. 

  • Keep 'em coming. But the Justice Department wanted 15 years.  

  • Just a reminder of how quickly Dallas police released the video footage of the lady firing the gun at Love Field followed by an officer shooting her with seconds. Compare and contrast DPS' response when they don't want you to see what happened. Story

  • News about local morning TV news. They have got to promote Hannah Battah (who was actually beside Tim Ryan this morning for the announcement of his retirement) from her early shift to replace him or they are going to lose her. But that would also result in two female co-hosts since she would be paired with long time host Lauren Przybyl.

  • This is turning into a beat down. This has to have a noticeable impact on people's attitudes, right?  Grumpier? Less tolerant? Hopelessness exaggerated?

  • I saw this headline out of Alabama a couple of days ago and was appalled. It's very Taliban like -- a dress code for women for executions. But I backed off once I saw the line that she "eventually got to witness the execution."  But then I saw why she got witness was allowed in: She "accepted a photographer’s offer to let her wear his rain gear — waterproof fisherman’s waders. The prison official approved that outfit." Good lord. 

  • This was at the Saudi LIV golf tournament stop this weekend at Trump's New Jersey golf course. The QAnon congresswoman as well as Fox News most nutty commentator were guests of honor. 

  • Legal stuff: Bite mark comparison, "blood splatter" evidence, polygraphs, arson "experts" and more are all under justifiably under attack in a new book.

  • C.D. Lamb has an odd idea of "full pads."

  • Am I the only one confused about the appeal process in the NFL's disciplinary action against Deshaun Watson? They brought in a retired federal judge as a mediator for a big dog and pony show who then issued a long quasi-judicial opinion about her findings. But the NFL can now appeal the ruling straight to Commissioner Roger Goodell? HeckGoodell is the NFL!  It's the equivalent of Z suing Y and all appeals going to Z for a final decision.