Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ted Cruz beat David Dewhurst in the run-off in 2012. Compare his run-off votes to his earlier primary votes. I was stunned then, and still stunned now. He increased his voter count even though the total turnout, as expected, went down from the multi-candidate primary (1.4 million total votes) compared to the two person run-off (1.1 million total votes).

  • A motorist on Highway 199 in Azle shot a guy a motorcycle yesterday as they went down the road. That's about all we know.

  • Everything about Uvalde is a cluster. We've now got a reversal of the decision to suspend the principal. 

  • One thing very odd about the How-Much-Will-Alex-Jones-Have-To-Pay trial is that the judge allows the jury to submit written questions to the lawyers every day. (The judge screens them and decides which ones will be submitted.) I honestly think this is a great idea. But, admittedly, it could get weird. Here is an actual rejected question from Friday (source and source):

  • If you haven't seen the lady open fire on a silver car after a road rage incident in Houston, here you go

  • Two trials regarding crimes which were big news when they happened years ago are starting this month. 
    • This one is local and starts today. The defendant was eventually caught in Justin in 2020 after being on the run since 2008. He is accused of murdering his daughters whose bodies were found in his abandoned taxi cab in Irving.

    • The other case is out of Ohio. It's so bizarre that it got a long feature story in the Washington Post over the weekend. 

  • Got off?

  • If you want to watch the recent CNN special about conservative West Texas oil money running Texas politics, you can do so here or here. Commercial free. It's very good. 

  • That guy ended up in the crowd in England yesterday. There were no serious injuries. Video

  • Trump would let Brittney Griner rot in a Russian prison.

  • The ruling on former Houston Texan QB Deshaun Watson's suspension for Massage-gate was just been handed down: It is six games. That's a win for Watson (especially since all his salary is guaranteed.)

    • I think the players' union knew what was coming. They issued this last night:

  • The Cowboys had to shut down admitting new fans to its first official practice on Saturday after 4,000 people showed up. 

  • Maybe I should become the next Jim Cramer because of my investment advice I gave you guys years ago? From the Morning News today: 

  • Legal nerd stuff: Here's the court's scheduling order for the Musk/Twitter fight. Man, that's a short fuse. 
  • On Friday, Exxon and Chevron release their quarterly net profit numbers. We are all suckers. 

  • I have it confirmed that when Garth Brooks took the stage at JerryWorld on Saturday night, he looked surprised to see a full stadium.