Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago this 17 year old girl was found shot to death outside of a home in a high tone area of Fort Worth. The eventual story of how she ended up there turned out to be wild.  (Stories here and here.) And then it got crazier when the homeowner who found her was also found dead a few months later, hogtied and burned in his car.  You want more? His death was tied to a white supremacy group and a man in Boyd. (Stories here and here.) It's worth the rabbit trail.


  • Friday night excitement that started in Wise County.

  • We had a big shooting on Saturday evening in Haltom City. Cops were called out to an incident in a residential neighborhood and, when three of them arrived, a guy opened fire. 
    • Two people are the home were dead: 33-year-old Collin Davis (found in the driveway) and 32-year-old Amber Tsai.

    • Three officers were "injured". There's a neighbor's camera that picked up the moment cops arrived, and it looks like one of the officers was hit. The police chief says three were actually grazed.

    • Six homes were hit across the street including an "elderly person" inside one of them. 
    • The shooter escaped but killed himself about a half mile away.  
  • Abortion updates:
    • The post Dobbs landscape in America seems to be getting off to a rough start. 

    • This Texas rep is out there making threats which aren't even true. 

    • All the headlines on Saturday said the Texas Supreme Court brought the pre-Roe Texas statute criminalizing abortion back to life in a late night Friday ruling.   However, there are some smart guys on Twitter who I follow who aren't so sure about that's what the ruling means. Regardless, it's just a matter of time before abortion in Texas is totally banned due to the trigger law -- although time is of the essence right now to some women out there. Fun fact: The original Texas abortion law actually was enacted even earlier than the 1920s and dates back to before the Civil War. 

  • Some people speculate she had a nose job while on the run in Costa Rica from a murder charge. I would have never recognized her. 

  • Dateline: Waco.

  • If you haven't seen the montage of the debates for Wyoming's senate seat (video - 1:58 in length) or for Arizona governor (video - 2:20 in length), you have to. The U.S. is in big, big trouble.  

  • Speaking of, the Patriot Front, the equivalent of Hitler's Brownshirts, marched through Boston on Saturday.   I'm telling you: Pay attention to what is happening out there. 

  • Sheesh. (Although Delkus didn't predict that Wise County would get rained on all day yesterday.)

  • We don't sing the Star-Spangled Banner in a manner that lets the listener know there's actually a question mark at the end. 

  • Did you know that if you are over 65 you don't have to pay your property taxes? Well, kind of. The rules are: (1) You still owe the taxes but the government can't come in and sell your home at foreclosure to make you pay it, (2) Once you pass, the government can enforce its lien for your unpaid taxes, (3) there is an interest rate of 5% for the unpaid balance, and (4) you still take a credit rating hit even though you have a legal right to withhold payment.   Overall: That doesn't sound like a good idea. 

  • I saw this update on Saturday and haven't seen anything since then. I guess he is still out there.

  • Uvalde Consolidated ISD School Police Chief Pete Arredondo has resigned from his newly won city council seat without ever attending a meeting.   You knew that was coming even though he, as is his nature, was slow to realize it.