Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

His life would take a wild turn. The convicted murderer is eligible for parole next year.

  • There is nothing more American in this day and time than people being killed while celebrating their "freedom."  Six dead at an Independence Day parade. 
    • This video appears to be the best in capturing the gunshot sounds. That's definitely a guy pulling the trigger of an AR-15 weapon of war as fast as he could, pausing to put another clip in, and then firing again.

    • Arrest video and photo. It took all afternoon, but they finally tracked him down.  

    • We've got another potential Pulitzer photo for another mass shooting. 

    • That looked familiar. 

    • Only victims identified publicly so far: 

    • If you dare, you can see the photo here. I'm becoming more and  more convinced the public needs to see the carnage that an AR-15 can do in such a short time. 

    • Various photos of the 22 year old shooter. 

    • Of course.

    • Not that it really matters, but the town of the shooting, Highland Park, has been the location of several movie houses. 

  • There was another shooting in Philadelphia at a fireworks show last night that caused crowds to scatter, but I'm not believing this big city police propaganda for one second. That's one magic bullet.

  • There were dozens of fires across the metroplex last night as people decided to shoot off fireworks during a drought.  Even the official Fort Worth fireworks show along the Trinity River had to be cancelled after nine minutes once fires broke out:

  • In this story I learned that this is the same attorney who is representing the Jack County Judge who refused to perform same sex marriage. (That lawsuit is before the Fifth Circuit.)

  • Random sports news.  

  • "The average price of a new car is at its highest on record, topping $47,000."