Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

There were all sorts of accolades given a decade ago, but I noticed that I posted this Youtube clip of him explaining to Opie, with a great deal of indignation, that he couldn't listen to a secret recording between an attorney and his client. 

  • The right wing leader of Britain who had odd hair, constantly lied, broke norms, and was never qualified for the job, has resigned after his own party revolted against him. That's kind of refreshing.

  • No warning signs here.

  • Uvalde news yesterday.
    • Another failure revealed. Texas Tribune story

    • A teacher played dead while laying in blood for an hour. 

  • From the home page of the Dallas Morning News right now. The police chief probably needs to rethink that smile considering the backdrop and the anniversary. 

  • Oil has dropped from a high of $122 a barrel on 6/8/22 to $99.50 yesterday.  And I'm seeing gas prices at the pump to be dropping below $4.00 this morning.   

  • A Southlake couple found shot to death in their home has led to some extremely tight lipped reporting.  Reading between the lines, it sounds like a murder-suicide although no one will come out and say it.   And I think it's odd that the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office, which will report a deceased's name on its public website as soon as they get the body, isn't doing so here. 

    • Here's an example of the ME's website. This morning they are already identifying someone who died at 5:45 a.m. It's normally just routine for them.

  • This story, which was only promoted by the local DFW CBS affiliate, said it happened in Wise County.  However, I'm 100% sure there was no one booked into the Wise County Jail on or around July 5th with those charges. No names were given in the story. This is weird. 

  • Yesterday, for the first time in months, I told you that I thought the COVID numbers were beginning to trend upwards and no one was paying attention. Then yesterday afternoon Dallas County announced this:

  • The QAnon Republican representative shared this false image yesterday.

  • This is wild. Last Monday, a Florida resident videos a cop in a patrol car driving erratically. Calls 911. Cop's buddies show up and find him to be hammered drunk. Video

  • The head football coach at Chico resigned last week, but I loved this line as reported by the Messenger that said he "led the Dragons to a 4-26 record" but still "qualified for the playoffs twice."