Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

In one of the wildest courtroom scenes ever, an "American financier, lawyer, ex-Wall Street trader, and millionaire", seconds after being convicted of arson by an Arizona jury, took a cyanide pill and died. Wikipedia. Video

  • The January 6th Hearing yesterday was riveting.  I love this woman. A brave 25 year old woman, willing to speak up, amongst a bunch of cowardly men.

    • Trump knew, but didn't care, that the crowd was armed and ordered them to the Capitol anyway.  "I don't f------ care that they have weapons, " Trump said. "They are not here to hurt me." 

    • The news of Trump going bonkers in the limo or throwing plates of food got all the headlines, but that's a non-issue in the grand scheme of things. And does that conduct surprise anyone?
    • If anyone wants to dispute what she says, they are welcomed by the committee to come in and say it under oath.  
    • She was basically like Donna Moss right out of the West Wing. She had a front seat to everything (but with even more access than Donna.)

    • Full transcript. Full video.
  • Borderline QAnon-member Ginni Thomas told us on June 17th that "I can’t wait to clear up misconceptions. I look forward to talking to them." That is, she couldn't wait to testify before the January 6th Committee about her roll, or lack thereof, in the attempted coup. Yesterday, she lawyered up.  Full letter from her lawyer.

  • This is a crazy story out of Wichita Falls. A coach wins an award for taking his basketball team to the state semi-finals and, when congratulatory post start appearing on Facebook, allegations from women start appearing in the comments.  He commits suicide days later. (City View ISD is 3A and located on the western edge of the Wichita Falls.)

  • "Larry" sending a lewd picture to everyone in an airplane cabin and then admitting to it on video is something you don't see every day. Story.

  • Gov. Abbott's different responses to dead immigrants:
    • Then:

    • Now:

  • This city of Denton is an interesting oasis in the middle of MAGA-land.

  • A recusal of a judge is pretty unusual but it happened in Fort Worth yesterday. In the hearing last week to remove the judge, the defense called six defense lawyers as witnesses, including Don Carter, Mark Daniel, and Rose Anna Salinas.

    • I like this lede by the Star-Telegram:

  • Some day everyone will listen to me after my years of ranting about how Mark Cuban is an inept owner and a horrible businessman. (And just wait until Luka hits free agency in 2028  -- and they only get to hang on to him that long because of a labor contract which is pure anti-capitalism.)

  • The Browns' Deshaun Watson administrative hearing with the NFL continues today.  I think this is an interesting take: 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold