Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

All of Colorado seemed to be on fire. 

  • They are human beings. Scared. Desperate. Just risking it all for a chance. 

  • January 6th Developments:
    • The January 6th Committee, with less than 24 hours notice, announced it will hold a hearing today. It's in the middle of a Congressional recess and previously they had announced the hearings would reconvene in mid-July. So what's up? New this morning: "Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to Mark Meadows when he was White House chief of staff in the Trump administration, is expected to testify." But I would think there would be more to it than that.

    • I told you John Eastman is in trouble. Video.

    • Follow-up from Friday where I spent a great deal of time focusing on how some guy named Ken Klukowski may have been planted by John Eastman in the Justice Department to use Jeffrey Clark to draft the "letter" to Georgia about the fake electors plot. Yesterday Klukowski came out and said "Don't blame me!"

  • The Supreme Court Strikes Again. First, the Right To Privacy was deleted from the Constitution in Dobbs because it wasn't expressly stated, and now the Establishment Clause is gone even though it's in the First Amendment. We are headed to a Theocracy.
    • If you think a football coach in the South (who by definition is a government employee)  isn't pressuring students to kneel and pray with him by taking a knee on the field after a game and welcoming others to join him, you didn't grow up in the South. "Uh, coach, I'm just gonna pass on that Christian prayer stuff and head to the locker room. Um, this won't impact my playing time will it?"  He seemed like the type not to hold it against you, right? 

    • Courts, to reach a desired decision, often are just loose with the meaning of the law.  But one big player in judicial activism is to just mischaracterize the facts. Look at this trick that the Court did yesterday.
      • Here's how the majority opinion characterized the coach's prayer:

      • And the concurrence described it this way:

      • But that's not what happened at all. And the dissenting opinion wasn't having it. They even went to the trouble of reproducing photos to point out how the majority was just flat out lying. 

  • This arrest surprised me. Based upon the video alone, I think getting a conviction will be next to impossible. 

  • sJuul (been meaning to get to this) Just picking on them?
  • Bridgeport and Paradise football will get the opportunity on September 15th to play their games at Cowboys Stadium thanks to Wise County resident Mike Richey who is footing the bill. "People have asked me what it’s costing me. But I’ve told them it’s not how much it costs, it’s how much it’s worth" he said according to a Messenger story.   Oh, no. I want to know what it cost. Anyone know?  
    Bridgeport announced the gig with this.

  • This was in Decatur off of FM 51 on Friday. I didn't see the name of the cult member. 

  • I'm a little confused by the Brittney Griner news.  I keep seeing that her detention has been "extended for six months" but the same stories also say that her trial starts Friday. Either way, both seem bad for her. The unspoken alternative of having a quick trial which ends with an acquittal doesn't seem to be a realistic outcome. 

  • Signs of a real estate bust (which is inevitable):

  • All Gannett owned newspapers, including the USA Today, are rolling out this cover today: