Random Monday Morning Thoughts

A decade ago we were so sure that the Supreme Court was going to strike down Obamacare that CNN jumped the gun and posted their story that morning the second the opinion was released. Oops. The court had actually upheld it.  

  • Dobbs > Roe.

    • There's not a lot to say about it which hasn't already been said. But we saw this coming from a mile away.
    • Dissent highlights. They aren't wrong:

    • The weirdest part of the entire decision is Justice Thomas' concurrence. He's basically being an Internet troll in a Supreme Court opinion. (Overruling those decisions would allow states to criminalize birth control (Griswold), homosexual conduct (Lawrence), and gay marriage (Obergefell).)  But, unlike a troll, you better take him at his word. 

    • She was right all along.

    • Texas Ken Paxton AG celebrated the Supreme Court decision by shutting down his office of Friday afternoon.  I hope you didn't need any help with child support collection.

  • Seven new homes under construction in McKinney burned on Saturday afternoon. 

  • There are absolutely no details on this, and it's weird so far. A lady was shot while in her car on "heavily traveled" Wilshire Boulevard during rush hour on Friday after "gunfire broke out" nearby.  She had no connection to the six individuals who were arrested. The charges were not announced. 

  • Hey, I'm not judging, but WFAA last night described the lady as a "mother" who "would do anything for her children" and "was just out having a good time."   Hey, it was 5:00 in the morning at a strip club.  And she wasn't even working there.  Ok, I am judging.  “Reportedly fearing for her life, the security guard shot the driver as the guard was being hit and before the driver could seriously injure or kill others,” XTC said in a prepared statement. The guard underwent surgery on Sunday. Video / Story.

  • The Uvalde senior class finally got to graduate on Friday. 

  • Stands at a bullfight in Columbia collapsed yesterday. Video. That didn't look like a particularly stable structure. 

  • This Texas story out of Muleshoe is wild.  A County Attorney has accused a sitting County Judge of signing search warrants for blood in DWI cases while she was herself drunk at 2:00 in the morning.  And there's much more. (Kudos to a faithful reader for tipping me off on this one.)

  • I was thinking that project was dead, but this decision might bring it back to life. (The Roe decision basically caused this news to be buried.) 

  • At First Baptist of Dallas yesterday, they had a couple of guy rappel down from the rafters. Totally normal.

  • Late night photographer @Fox4Terry was working this weekend. 

  • Man, this was a legitimate baseball fight yesterday. Video.

  • Legal nerdy stuff. If you want to see the changes between the leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe and the final draft, here you go.