Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

And to think he never got to see the Trump years. 

  • Warning: I'm going election intensive.
  • County Judge J.D. Clark won over Chad Miller (who was the darling of the very far right Wise County Conservatives.) I was watching this one simply to see how many Chad Miller could draw in. He is a really polished speaker and good politician. But, more importantly, he was selling the hot button issues (CRT, Trans, the Border, Vaccine mandates) which has absolutely nothing to do with being county judge. He knew what red meat to throw at the masses. Some bit. 

  • I mentioned last week that the someone needed to get control of the local Republican Party because it was going very far right (censoring Greg Abbott, for example.) Well, that isn't going to happen. 

  • A disturbing shocker almost happened in that Andy Hopper nearly beat incumbent Dr. Lynn Stucky for our state house rep.
    • After the new maps were drawn, which freed Wise County from Parker County and put us in a district with parts of Denton County, I spent way too much time one day explaining how Wise County could, for the first time ever, actually control who was our state rep. I didn't have anything against incumbent Dr. Lynn Stucky -- he's a good guy, I was just looking at the map and the numbers. (Because, as faithful readers know,  I'm a political genius.)
    • I had in mind J.D. Clark running for the job. He passed on the chance. But Andy Hopper, who calls Wise County home, decided to run despite not doing well at all when he last ran in a special election for Senate District 30. This is what happened in 2020 in that race:

    • So Hopper wouldn't stand a chance last night against Stucky, right? Hold that thought. Hopper almost pulled off a stunner, losing by only 102 votes!

    • I was curious how the break down of Denton/Wise County votes would go in that race. Here it is. As I thought there would be, there were more Wise County voters than Denton County voters in our newly drawn district:

    • You want to know the big secret? When Wise County was added to Stucky's district, Denton County was redrawn for the race as well. But then the Denton part was redrawn again at the last second. The final map put the very conservative and heavily voting Robson Ranch area precincts back in the district. Last night, in those three Denton County precincts alone (4184, 4185, 4186) Stuckey beat Hopper 1809-818. That's what did it. 

  • The only other contested race involving all of Wise County was the County Clerk's race where long time incumbent Sherry Parker Lemon decided to retire. It will be headed for a run-off between Blanca Tuma and John Curry. 

  • Speaking of Governor, Greg Abbott slaughtered all comers and will avoid a run-off. This is how Wise County voted: 

  • State-wide, embattled AG Ken Paxton will be forced to a run-off with George P. Bush. Here is how Wise County voted. The only odd thing is how poorly Eva Guzman did here: 

    • Here are the state wide results to compare:

  • In the Republican Party race for Tarrant County Judge, I was right.  Tim O'Hare won and even avoided a run-off. But he is such a nut that Democrat Deborah Peoples at least stands a chance of beating him in November. 

  • The book-banning Matt Krause, who has never tried a criminal case to a jury, will be in a run-off for D.A. in Tarrant County. Amazing. Long time district judge Mollee Westfall will now be out of a job. 

  • Jacksboro's own, and Blog friend, David Spiller had his district completely redrawn. Nevertheless, he killed it last night. 

  • Hair-stylist Shelley Luther lost in her second attempt to break into politics. 

  • Our old state rep Phil King will now be a Texas state senator. 

  • No offense to Wise County Commissioner races. I ran out of time. 
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