Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

It was the unveiling of the cool bridge in Dallas, but look at the economic news headline on the side: Struggling incomes and high gas prices. Everything old is new again. 

  • If Russia slow walks this invasion, Americans will simply get bored and move on. 
  • I'm not sure what the details are on this. Edit: Sounds like four Paradise area kids were injured. 

  • Has Trump not taught this guy anything about the new world of politics? You never apologize, and you never admit a mistake. Instead you attack your accusers and just ride it out. If you do that, you can survive anything. 

  • That Messenger photo of the train/truck collision makes me think that the train must have been moving forward at a snail's pace. Those things don't exactly stop on a dime. 

  • This is probably suicide. Sheesh, check on your friends. 

  • Speaking of mental health. 

  • State of the Union images I didn't have time for yesterday:
    • Ugh.

    • That behavior looked a little familiar.

    • This was weird, too. Video.

  • Criminal justice election fun facts:
    • Every county court trial judge in Dallas County, both civil and criminal, is now female.
    • Of the 50 DAs up for election in the November, only 7 will be contested. 
  • The race for County Judge in Tarrant County will be interesting. On one side you'll have personal injury lawyer Tim O'Hare (famous for almost bankrupting Farmer's Branch for trying to ban immigrants, more recently for making Southlake the racist capitol of Texas, and for sending out flyers like below), and on the other you will have a black female, Deborah Peoples, on the Democratic ticket. And, remember, Tarrant County voted for Beto over Cruz, and Biden over Trump. 

  • Anyone else want to talk about how the propositions at the end of the Republican ballot were insane?  Take this for example.  Do people not realize that the one below would absolutely destroy the public school system? It's the equivalent of saying "You should have the right to not pay school property taxes so long as you use that money on, say, Kenneth Copeland Academy."  On second thought, maybe it is the point to destroy the public school system. 

  • The man thinks the score on the Law School Acceptance Test for Biden's Supreme Court nominee is important. I wonder what it is about her that would make Tucker Carlson think she might not be bright? 

  • The criminal case against Ken Paxton is ridiculously in limbo.  Normally delayed by special prosecutors whining they are not getting paid enough, the other delay has been due to the case being transferred back and forth between Collin and Harris counties. That latter delay just got longer yesterday.

  • I thought this story was overstated, but it wasn't. Here's the detailed criminal complaint. It is, after all, the land of Jeffrey Dahmer. (She supposedly has "ties to Texas" but I haven't found exactly how that is true.) 

  • Random traffic observation: These two might be right. 

  • NASCAR's Tony Stewart has a $30 million home on the market which looks a lot like a Bass Pro Shop.