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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I stand by the proposition of prosecutors attending executions as being weird. In fact, I'm not sure I've heard of it happening since then. 

  • The war continues in Ukraine.  
    • Before everyone starts betting on the Ukraine Resistance, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    • As I post this, I'm seeing a flood of social media about "images coming out of Kharkiv." I'm guessing something bad has happened.
    • The Snake Island guys are apparently not dead according to a Ukrainian navy Facebook post.  I would tap the brakes on any sensational story you hear in this conflict. 
    • I never thought War Games would be relevant again.

    • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become somewhat of a star by donning fatigues and promising to stay and fight.  I thought this thread was interesting: From a PR standpoint, what exactly is it about this video which so powerful and universally praised?

    • Kind of makes you think against about Trump's telephone call with him (the one which led to Trump's first impeachment), where Zelenskyy  was asking for Javelin missiles but Trump responded with "I would like you to do us a favor, though" in connection with Hunter Biden. 
    • And comparisons were made.

  • Voting day is tomorrow.  Early voting has been reportedly very low, but I can't find the exact numbers to compare it to four years ago. But the final cumulative vote count by the Texas Secretary of State's office shows that Republicans outnumbered Democrats in early voting 5.93% to 3.65%.

  • The Florida man who shot another man in a movie theater was found not guilty late Friday. 

  • The QAnon Congresswoman spoke at a white supremist rally over the weekend.


    • Mitt Romney, in response, called her a "moron". 

    • She responded. 

    • It really was a white supremist rally. Watch this when old Sheriff Joe was a little confused at the audience's reaction to something he said:

  • More lawyers coming. (This guy is a professor there.) 

  • This is a nightmare for everyone, especially the victim. Stay with me here:

    • A guy was arrested for domestic violence in January and became one of hundreds of people a magistrate in Tarrant County sees every month for his bond to be set.  
    • Almost anyone can set bonds (from JPs to city judges to mayors), but Tarrant County streamlines the process by giving a lot of that responsibility to a special magistrate appointed by the elected district judges. That's good. The less judges setting bonds means the more consistent bonds will be.  (Plus, the guy is heavily involved in felony cases because he also has the authority to approve tons of plea bargains in felony cases -- he's no novice.)
    • Back to the guy arrested for domestic violence. Actually, he had two charges against the same victim, aggravated assault and unlawful restraint. 
    • The magistrate set the bond in an combined amount of  $15,000.  That actually seems pretty normal. He even added an ankle monitor as a condition. That seems a little unusual, but was justified because the guy had five past felony convictions and a "danger assessment" for the victim came back as "extreme danger."  
    • Pause for a moment. No matter what the bond was set at, how would you feel if you're the magistrate and are holding a piece of paper which says "extreme danger"?
    • The guy makes bond.
    • Then it went from bad to worse: The victim goes missing.
    • The cops obviously suspect the guy out on bond, and they get a search warrant for his house. Her body is found underneath it. Oh, man. 

    • This all got my attention when the lame duck D.A. in Tarrant County did a pretty scathing social media post on Saturday roasting the magistrate who set the bond by name.  You never see that. 

    • Side note: The D.A. needs a headline writer. That reads as if the guy is out on bond again. He's not. He's in jail. 
  • This guy has spent a fortune in an advertising blitz in DFW so the Morning News published an article exploring exactly who he is. I stopped reading and decided I hated the guy once I got to this: "Henry splurges on parties. He threw his daughter a $6 million quinceañera and a $4 million 18th birthday bash for his son. Pitbull and Nick Jonas performed at daughter Maya Henry’s party . . . ."

  • We have our first January 6th trial this week.  It is for a man from Wylie who is a "member of a militia-style group called the Texas Three Percenters."