Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It's the 10 year anniversary of Sandra Fluke and, more importantly, what Rush Limbaugh said about her which caused a national stir -- so much so that even he had to apologize after the backlash which included President Obama calling her to offer words of support.  

  • There's a 40+ mile long convoy of Russian military vehicles headed towards Kyiv.  They are sitting ducks, and no one is stopping them. That tells you Ukraine no longer controls the air. And it also tells you the capitol city is about to fall. 

    • Paul McCartney in downtown Kyiv in 2008. He posted this yesterday. It was a concert at the now ironically named "Independence Square."  

  • What a strange photo. "Russian President Vladimir Putin huddled with officials to discuss the economic turmoil amid his invasion of Ukraine." Does he fear an assassination attempt from within his inner circle?

  • Assuming this photo is real, it occurred to me Google and Apple and the other tech companies could bring a country to its knees quicker than any governmental sanction. Seriously, Putin has to worry about the Russian people going into a widespread revolt, and the tech companies just impacted every Russian with flick of a switch.  Throw in Amazon servers for banking and credit cards, and this could be a Black Mirror episode.

  • The very helpful and very smart Wise County Elections Administrator Sabra Srader provided me with the early voting numbers for the county.  With a little over 47,994 registered voters, we came in at 10.05% with 4,821 -- far higher than the state average percentage. And here's a news flash: Wise County is very Republican. Click to enlarge or click here for the Google Sheet (I added the percentages). 

    • Four years ago there were 7,924 total votes cast (early and day of). 
  • This guy has spent a bunch of money on campaign ads on DFW television in his bid for District Attorney, but it drives me nuts that he never mentions which county he is running in. 

  • Follow-up from yesterday. I don't know about "upset."

    • And here's the mugshot of the guy which is at the center of the mess.

  • It's pretty amazing that 14 people were shot in a Las Vegas lounge last weekend and it barely registered as news

  • The ACLU is after the book burners in Granbury. 

  • The Messenger's Richard Greene tweeted this out yesterday of the front page of the Messenger from 100 years ago this week. Click to enlarge. The heck with the prison escape, I want to know about the bank cashier that ran off with his paramour. 

  • My favorite conspiracy theory, which I love thinking about, is that we are all living in a computer simulation where every now and then there is a glitch in the software causing history to repeat itself -- but we just all chalk it up to coincidence. 
    (Smith was actually injured in Landover, MD which is 
    only few miles from where Theismann was playing.)

  • Kim Mulkey out there throwing shade at the Evil Empire. She even threw in an Ehlinger impersonation. Video

  • I don't care about the NBA, but this found its way to my radar last night. Any chance of scoring here on this in-bounds pass with less than a half second left at the end of the first half? Video.

  • Tarrant County Judge race prediction: Tim O'Hare beats Betsy Price, and that's a very bad thing.