Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

We forget how bad Iraq was. This was a string of simultaneous car bombings that "left at least 45 people dead and 216 wounded, officials said."

  •  We could save everybody a lot of time and taxpayer money if we could eliminate the confirmation hearings and instead have each Senator just go record their sound bites for campaign videos in private. We then wouldn't have to go through this dog and pony show.

  • We strangely haven't heard an update on the health of Justice Clarence Thomas. 

  • A weird vertical light in the sky was seen in Houston last night. What was it? No one knows. 

  • Here's the original story of the school shooting. He was serving a 40 year sentence. 

  • Turned on right wing radio yesterday and learned the sky was falling over this training page found at Home Depot in Canada.  Based upon the callers, lots of people were never shopping at any Home Depot ever again (but don't call it "cancel culture.")

  • That was pretty bold of her.  The big money behind the CRT Strawmen from Southlake and Colleyville will be gunning for her at the next election. 

  • I want to watch this trial out of Temple. Here's the video which led to the criminal charges. She might want to reconsider rejecting the deal.  

  • I don't know anything about this case which just concluded in Fort Worth, but it is a huge government loss. You don't hear about many acquittals in federal criminal cases, and this guy, who lives in Keller, was facing 80 years in prison. The defense lawyers were out of Houston. 

  • This is the driver of the red pickup which got spun around like a top by a tornado and then who just drove off. He's sixteen. "I didn't feel it. I didn't saw it." 

  • This is just the run of the mill story out of Wichita Falls. But its always a bad sign when the cops have you sit on a curb in front of their car. That's one beaten down guy.

  • Previous bullet point updates from reader input. 
    • Those things with the marijuana leafs, I'm told, are just hermetic sealed baggies for your weed to cover the odor. Another guy told me they were just the professional packaging for over the counter edibles from Colorado. As for the packages in the back, one person believes it's ephedrine (used in the old school cooking of meth.)

    • A longtime reader was quick to point out to me yesterday that she has had the Calvary Crosses license plate on her vehicle for years, and she sent me proof.  

  • "Price, who was making about $100,000 a year in the DA’s office, will start out making $38,380 in the clerk’s office" as a deputy clerk. He campaigned for the DA's opponent in the primary election.  Setting aside he might have a lawsuit available to him, I'm guessing he got a job within county government in order to let his retirement account to vest.

  • Notable death. And, yes, he pronounced it "jif". (Just like "giraffe" is pronounced "jiraffe"). Also, we aren't talking about an "animated gif" but instead one of the very first digital formats for the internet. 

  • I missed this. That's just weird. And so was the wording of the statement from the University of Arizona: "While he does not recall any contact, he has attempted to reach out to the TCU student through their Athletic Department to apologize." Video.
  • Russia might be being beaten back from Kyiv, but that war is going poorly for both sides. No one is "winning."