Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was Trayvon Martin news week 10 years ago. He had actually been killed on February 26,2012, but we didn't initially hear anything about it at all. I wrote the above bullet point on March 20, 2012 when I first learned about the case.  And the press coverage quickly changed because I wrote this the very next next day: 

President Obama's famous, "If I had a son . . . ." comment didn't occur until March 23rd.

  • Standings.  Team-wise, Baylor underperformed in a wild one. Texas fell down early and never recovered. And TCU went to overtime against #1 Arizona after a controversial ending to regulation.  Oh, and the Red Raiders are handling the poaching of their coach from last year very well.  

  • Breaking: We've got an airliner crash this morning in China. And there are at least two videos in this thread showing it heading head first into the ground. The plane was a Boeing 737-800 which is different than the 737-MAX which had to be grounded a couple of years ago because of its massive problems. 

  • The biggest fire yesterday was south of Lipan, and there was also 400 acres on fire in Montague County last yesterday afternoon and a smaller one near Holiday. Wise Countians, however, were very responsible. 

  • With the wildfires blazing out of control not far from here on Friday, tell me I'm not the only one who cocked an eyebrow at this entry in Friday's Update.

  • Folks, I think there was a general theme about the weekend which just ended. 

  • Regarding the Wise County man who fell to his death off a rooftop bar in Dallas, I finally saw  this picture of the place. 

  • With Supreme Confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson beginning today, another justice is in the hospital. 

  • This just struck me at odd. In Ukraine, the news is that bombings are continuing and up to 10 million people have been displaced. Meanwhile, in America, this makes news: 

  • The facts of the case set out in the opinion are crazy. I'll never understand how people can be so gullible. 

  • I received my first traditional postcard in decades. 

  • This gal is a writer for Dave Campbell's Texas Football. I have no idea where along 183 she was but, regardless, there is state-sanctioned robbery going on out there. 

  • He used nine words and screwed up two of them. 

  • The Texans traded QB Deshaun Watson to the Browns in a deal which is crazy in all respects. The Browns gave up three #1 draft picks. And Watson received a contract of $230 million which has the most guaranteed money in the history of the league.  Side note: Worth it? This guy had a hot opinion:

  • Update: There's now an arrest warrant out for an 18 years old in the shooting death of the two Watauga teens.