Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That license was briefly controversial 10 years ago as being a potential violation of the Establishment Clause. But it was approved, and then we never heard anything else about it. And I'm not sure I've ever seen one in the wild.

  • It looks like 60 to 80 homes were damaged in Jacksboro. 
    • Bridgeport PD has loaned two officers and two police cars to Jacksboro PD to get through the recovery phase. 
    • Abbott made the obligatory photo-op yesterday.  And, yes, I would have dogged him if he didn't show up. 

    • The standings.

    • And it's a crazy tornado season. New Orleans got hit pretty hard last night. The DallasTexasTV twitter account posted a handful of insane videos of it yesterday evening. 

  • Overnight, a car went off of highway 287 in Mansfield and slammed into a natural gas pipeline causing quite the commotion. Homes a mile around were evacuated until they could get the fire out. 

  • The family of the Paradise man who fell off the rooftop bar in Dallas has sued the restaurant. And we've got a father/daughter lawyer team out of Bridgeport involved. 

  • Horrible.


  • In reading this tweet about the tornado damage in Montague County, my brain heard an abrupt record scratch sound effect after the first sentence. 

  • We shouldn't let the public complain to the governing body which provides almost all of the funding to the courts and the district attorney's office? They should be silenced? That's ridiculous. 

  • The confirmation hearing of Judge Jackson became predictably stupid yesterday:
    • Lindsey Graham had to get the "Christian qualification" box checked.

    • Ted Cruz will always embarrass us. 

    • It's the 1960s

    • The QAnon fascination with child porn and pedophilia made an appearance through the man who encouraged the January 6th Trump Insurrectionists. 

  • You know what it means if there is a $25 billion surplus? It means you were overtaxed. And $25 billion is almost the annual property tax bill on all single family homes combined -- a tax bill which is already ridiculously high. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold