Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Remember Kony 2012

  • Those prices at the pump are about to get worse based upon futures prices this morning:

  • How in the world did Brittney Griner get arrested in Russia in February and we just now hear about it?

    Baylor game on Saturday

  • This is from the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States during his appearance in New Orleans over the weekend: 

  • My uneducated random Ukraine/Russia thoughts -- which make more sense than Trump's:
    • The Russian attacks are more brutal than I expected (or maybe it is just that we actually get to see videos/images of what war in real time which makes it seem that way.)

    • You can kind of understand the whole Franz Ferdinand thing now -- how small wars can get out of hand in a hurry and escalate. 

    • We might want to rethink those "red areas" on the maps showing the locations of the Russians and exactly what the red means.   As America knows, it is easy to invade a county, but it is quite another to occupy those areas after that invasion. So you just can't easily map out what areas Russia "has conquered" or "occupies" or "controls." 

  • The story of the February cold water rescue, of the couple who were in a car that went over a bridge and into the Trinity River at County Road 4757 near Newark, got my attention when it happened.  Fox 4 had a follow-up story on Friday of trying to find a mystery man who was the first one there (although it is very murky on the details of exactly what he did.) But the Boyd Fire Department got some good press, too.

  • Our DA was appointed as a special prosecutor in a road rage case against a Wichita Falls man, Bubba McDaniel. The case was a little unique because McDaniel just happened to be the father of a two year old child who was a murder victim, allegedly at the hands of another man, in a current high profile case up there. The road rage case was worked out last week.

  • $300,000? Don't be dumb people: "A scammer is calling older men and accusing them of committing a crime by contacting massage- or sex-related websites. The scammer demands the men pay a fine through a bitcoin machine or designated kiosk. If they do not pay the fine, they are told they will be prosecuted."
  • The Little Ball of Insurrection, who says she would invade the Capitol again, is also trying to use a different name. 

  • We've got a great election results fight in Clay County.  They had three candidates for Justice of the Peace, candidates A, B, and C.  Candidate B was officially disqualified and ruled ineligible before the election but stayed on the ballot because it was too late to take him off. The results were Candidate A with 43%, Ineligible Candidate B still got 38%, and Candidate C got 19%.  So the question: Did Candidate A win outright? Or does there need to be a runoff between A and C because A didn't get more than 50%? They are trying to figure it out. 

  • Great topic for you and your co-workers: Are there more wheels or doors in the world? (Things like cabinet doors are included in the definition of "doors", and "wheels" can include small wheels so long as they are attached to the item the are used to move it.) The answer appears to be evenly split:

  • If you can get it to work (or the horrible Star-Telegram's website to ever work these days), here is a database which lists the salary of every Tarrant County or City of Fort Worth employee. That includes assistant district attorneys and law enforcement.