Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That line still makes no sense. 

  • Images of war as Russia bombs a maternity hospital. That's a pregnant woman in the first photo.

  • So Jerry Jones (maybe) fathered a baby and has paid a fortune over the years to the mother and her daughter to keep the whole thing quiet. Lots to unpack here.

    • Before you demonize Jones, it should be noted that he's paid far more in this deal than he was legally obligated to if the father.  And the child has done OK financially. She had a high tone Sweet Sixteen birthday party where she received a Range Rover, and she even went to SMU. Heck, momma and daughter even appeared on something called Big Rich Texas:

    • And if you want to crucify him for having an affair, you might want to really tap the brakes. Just look out that window -- he's not alone in that sin. 
    • But it's certainly ok to demonize him for apparently having had no contact with the child for her entire life. That's bad. 
    • This really bugs me: What's the purpose of the daughter's lawsuit? What's her end game?  It's not about money. He doesn't owe her anything and she's not "entitled" to anything by simply being a biological daughter. The lawsuit reads as if it is to simply declare that she is not bound by any Non-Disclosure Agreement, but who says that she is? Of course, she's not. She's not a party to it nor could she have been -- she was an infant. 
    • I  suppose it's just a coincidence that she ended up working for Trump and our own scandal-ridden Congressman, Ronny Jackson. (She also worked for former Congressman Mac Thornberry so she's got a weird connection to our far reaching Congressional district that reaches all the way to the Panhandle.) 

  • The official Liberally Lean forecast says, "It's gonna be really, really cold, but nothing otherwise to get excited about."

  • Am I losing my mind, or do I remember hearing something about a significant Decatur or Wise County connection to this project?:

  • Video. This is wild even for Trump. Once again, I present the presumptive nominee for the Republicans:

  • Of course she's been funneling part of the $15 million there. It's all a full circle. 

  • Random stolen criminal justice thoughts:
    • That's not a bad idea. 

    • Funny but true.

  • Books I've read this year (look at me!):
    •  He's a good writer, but he comes across as an arrogant Ivy Leaguer. And this "book" actually turned out to just be a collection of speeches, papers, and even some of his court opinions(!).  That's exactly something an arrogant Ivy Leaguer would do. (Verdict: Disappointing.)

    • I'm stunned the owner of the Mets isn't in prison. This is, in part, the inspiration of Billions.  (Pretty good. Not as technical as I feared.)

    • Fourteen poverty stricken men died in the desert in 2001 trying to come to America for a better a life. Turns out, their  hired guide just got them lost. In the heat. With no shade. With no water. (Not bad, but the author could have picked up the pace a bit.)

  • Online shopping tidbit: I ordered the best and greatest soft bath towel (recommended by WireCutter) directly from the manufacturer in January, and it still hasn't arrived due to being on back order. I ordered new tennis shoes recently from Kohl's and it took eight days to get here (and I had to actually go to the post office and pick up the package when DHL couldn't successfully deliver it on the first attempt). But if I order anything from Amazon, it will show up within 24 hours -- and without the hassle of entering all my data and credit card number.