Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That second bullet point might have been my worst political take ever. 

  • War video of the day. Sound up.

  • Shell tries to get some good PR while at the same time having an excuse to excessively jack up their prices. (We get about 3% of oil from Russia.)

    • And, based upon this Bloomberg report this morning, they are just getting ahead of what they are about to be forced to do. Edit: An announcement from the White House is now expected at 9:45 a.m.:

    • I just noticed Drudge getting all excited:

  • I screwed up my graphic and part of my bullet point yesterday in the election fight in a JP race in Clay County. It was Candidate C, not Candidate B, who had previously been disqualified. But there is still a legal dispute as to whether Candidate A won outright or needs a runoff. 

  • Yesterday in Wise County, the following cases were all filed in JP #1. The same agency, DPS, just happened to file speeding tickets against ten different people who just all happen to be going exactly 80 in a 70. 

  • I've been curious as to what ever happened to the silly criminal prosecution of Netflix in Tyler County over the broadcast of Cuties.  Well, the Netflix lawyers have now gone to federal court to try and stop (the very handsome) D.A. Lucas Babin, calling him crazy. They didn't exactly use that term "crazy", but that was the gist of it. They are, of course, right on that point as well as that pesky Free Speech defense they've got, but I'm not sure they can get a federal court to stop the state prosecution. 

  • The QAnon Congress person never disappoints

  • This little-reported Dallas story from the weekend rang a bell.

    • Yep, that was it from late last month: 

  • For those, like me, who have an interest in the metroplex murder story involving Candice Montgomery coming to Hulu:
    • Jessica Biel was spotted in Georgia filming the mini-series. She'll play Montgomery. 

    • CBS Channel 11 has a good feature a couple of days ago on an eyewitness to the bloody murder aftermath who is still in the area.

    • A faithful reader sent me this Above the Fold shot of the defunct Dallas Times Herald from back in the day: 

  • I might put this on a throw pillow.

  • Legal nerd stuff from yesterday: Justice Kavanaugh tried to argue a point and cited himself as authority on why he is correct. 

  • An building's management company in Toronto welcomed workers back to the office with these posters. They took them down. Quickly. That would have made me want to quit on the spot. 

  • I saw someone refer to the anti-CRT crowd as "the CRT Straw Men" yesterday, and I might just steal it.