Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I guess the answer to that was "no."

  • I'm not sure why providing some war support (javelins) is OK while other support (funneling planes) is going too far, but I guess you've got to draw the line somewhere. 

  • The Russkies have released a photo of Brittney Griner.

  • January 6th Quick Hits:
    • "Lock him up! Lock him up!"

    • Ditto.

    • "Take her bar card! Take her bar card!"

  • The screenshot and the headline don't quite go together.

  • It's all beginning to make sense now. 

  • You demonize schools, promote CRT witch hunts, want to divert tax dollars to fund unregulated religious schools (if they are of the right religion), and now there's a teacher shortage? Check. And your solution is to create a "task force"? Double check. 

  • A faithful reader sent me this long read that I missed about a subject I was all over from its inception. And someone sent me a related podcast about the article. 

  • Mentioned on The Ticket this morning: This oddly named street in Runaway Bay. He's a former Cowboy lineman. 

  • Ticket fans only: On the weekend golf show, The Tee Box, they mentioned a hidden gem of a course near Lake Texoma.  A listener went exploring online to check it out, and guess who he found as members? "Norm and Mary."

  • Messenger: Above the Fold