Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This was the first week that it appeared Mitt Romney could be headed for the Republic nomination. And Rick Perry discovered he definitely was not.     

  • Boyd ISD has shut down due to COVID.

  • The numbers:
    • Hospitalizations:

    • Cases (seven day average): 

  • A lot going on here:
    • Headline:

    • Excerpt from the story (but don't miss that bottom paragraph either.)

    • Yep, she was one of the women who helped bring down former Rep. Joe Barton who was sending out nude pics of himself at the age of 68. 

  • No vaccines in Wise County because of, uh, COVID?

  • We've got a run on over-the-counter cold medicine:

  • "An American Airlines flight from Honduras to Miami was delayed on Tuesday after a passenger burst into the cockpit, broke some of the plane’s controls, and then tried to leap out of the window." And we've got a photo:

  • It's easy enough for the government to steal your property through civil forfeiture laws, but this Texas Sheriff allegedly made it easier: He just instructed his deputies to take the cash and vehicles and, if no one claimed it after 30 days, they would just consider it "abandoned" and take it and use it. He didn't even want to hassle with the favorable forfeiture system.

  • Let me tell you something. There's basically no way Trump could ever get elected again in America, but this would be one of those ways:

  • But nothing will kill incumbents more than news of inflation. When I was a young guy, it was the kiss of death for any national politician.  And when, moments ago, every major news organization in the country blasts out bad inflation numbers, that's not a good sign for the incumbent:

  • Sully is still out there slapping himself on the back: 

  • And another:

    • The money line: 

  • The Red Raiders ended #1 Baylor's perfect basketball season last night in Waco. From the sound of it as I was watching, there were a ton of Tech fans in the arena. 

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