Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I don't remember this at all. Two Marines were caught on video urinating on dead Taliban fighters. Any outraged was short-lived, because no one apparently cared too much.  Wikipedia outlines the event, and even names the two soldiers who were charged, but even it doesn't state what happened to them. (I think they both faced court martial with a possible punishment of reduction in rank.) But one of them used it as opportunity to write a book about the "17 second lapse in judgment . . . but more importantly the political correctness that is destroying America":

  •  The numbers are still climbing: 
    • New cases:

    • Hospitalizations:

    • More than three dozen schools in North Texas have shut down (list here), and Northwest ISD is expected to make that announcement today.  
  • Say what? The Wise County Republican Party, by a vote of 17-0, voted to "censor" Gov. Greg Abbott.  This seems weird because the local GOP never takes any controversial stance. Heck, I don't recall them ever taking any major public stance that made the news.  Something must have gotten out of control at a meeting. (Signed censure is here.) The censure was not only unnecessary, but it was also politically dumb. Trust me, Austin is not happy with this. And when Abbott wins again, local influence will take a hit from this self-inflicted wound. 

  • There will be a very high ranking change at the Wise County Messenger which they will announce tonight.
  • There has been a major shakeup in the ranks of the Wise County Sheriff's Office that the higher-ups are being very tight-lipped about. 
  • I don't know why I'm stunned by this, but I am. I would think there would have been more people struggling.

  • What's so wild is how he said it without any realization of the blowback that he was about to receive. Video.  Paraphrased (but barely): "You want more black teachers at our school district? We have 13%. You know how many black teachers Houston ISD has? 36%. I looked it up! Have you seen their drop-out rate? I don't want to be Houston ISD."

  • This Burkburnett guy allegedly was receiving meth via the U.S. mail, but the kicker is that the only way the cops found out about it was because someone snitched on him. There are lots and lots of drugs delivered by mail out there.  Side note: A $150,000 bond for this is stupidly high. 

  • President Biden's approval rating after 358 days (in green, below) trails Obama but is ahead of Trump over the same time frame.

  • The Cowboys are a three point favorite on Sunday. Take the 49ers.