Random Monday Morning Thoughts

When I was looking for an update, I discovered NBC News did a big story just a few months ago. And I had forgotten it was featured on Nancy Grace back in the day. (One thing eerily similar to this and the Lauren Whitener case, in addition to the Lake Bridgeport connection, is that both were murdered in the early morning hours of July 5th, and the last known communication from each was a text.)

  • The new cases average hasn't been updated in a couple of days, but they are still sky high. And there might be a record number of people calling in sick this week -- and no one needs to come to work if they test positive.  (Rio Vista ISD is Johnson County has shut down for two days because of a teacher shortage.)

  • Another horrible fire in the northeast.

  • ABC News broke into American's Funniest Home Videos last night to announce Bob Saget's death. Video.

  • You don't see a "train hits plane" story very often. This is pretty wild. Just seconds to spare. Video.

  • Part of a cliff sheers off in Brazil killing 10.  Video thread.

  • There was a fiery train derailment north of Wichita Falls along highway 287 on Saturday. (No video on this one.)

  • The former head of the conservative Empower Texans PAC, and who secretly recorded the Texas House Speaker during a meeting a couple of years back, decided to fire off a hot opinion about teachers this weekend. (Here is a list of legislators he and his backers have supported.)

  • It was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Sunday and politicians were falling all over themselves on social media to mention it. They might want to actually back their words up with the proper disgust towards others when needed.

  • This was a very weird flex by the Texas Republican Party.

  • Random Texas District Attorney news.
    • A recusal when a fellow lawyer gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

    • Trial delayed when the Parker County DA gets the COVID. (The defendant is alleged to have killed two women who were extorting him "after they convinced him that they had recorded him soliciting them for sex during a massage at his Fort Worth office.")

  • Biggest metroplex donors in 2021.  

    • Here's the money paragraph about the top donor.
    • Jerry Jones is on the list but no Mark Cuban.
    • That Cody Campbell on the list who gave $25 million to Texas Tech was partners with the guy who rented out the Fort Worth Zoo last summer and hired Pearl Jam for his birthday party.
  • NFL: (1) Dallas kicker Greg Zuerlien is going to lose the Cowboys playoff game, (2) I thought it was nuts for the Cowboys to play the starters in the second half on Saturday night, and (3) I said last week that I wanted last night's Chargers/Raiders game to end in a tie so both teams could get in the playoffs. And it dang neared happened! For some reason, the Raiders broke a 32-32 tie in overtime with two seconds left.